Thursday, June 16, 2011

My attempt @ keeping a blog.

Over the course of a 3 years, I have been contemplating keeping a blog. Doubting I could never find an interesting enough topic to dedicate a blog too(as well as doubting my ability to NOT get bored heh), I finally found something. It took revisiting my childhood. Remembering the freedom felt, the adrenaline rush, the sheer strength it takes to propel yourself forward, backward, left and right. I was given a bike for Mothers Day this year, a Schwinn Wayfarer..white and pink :).

The inner-child burst through that day, and has made me fall in love with something I haven't enjoyed in ages. Something I can do that reminds me of my Father, the family rides we use to have every saturday morning, those happy times that I(being human) took for granted. Every time I share a ride with my new little family, emotions wash over me; joy, pride, accomplishment and sometimes a little sad. But I know Daddy will be there each time we venture forth on our Leg-xus(me and the hubby's insider hehe) smiling, laughing, and reminding us to just have fun.

Well...this being the first post on my new blog, you can probably tell which way I'll be taking this.

Prepare for all things bike, family, health/beauty/fashion, and general 'ol story tellin' :)

Till next time