Monday, February 11, 2013

Another Year, Another Chance


A very belated, yet extremely sincere Happy New Year to you all out there still with me, I hope 2013 brings you the joy you all deserve!

It being one month and some change into the new year, I take it we have all set our resolutions, gotten on-and-off the wagon even so I am not about to post about all I want to do this year. I’m just going to do it, and make more of an effort to document it! Granted, having to use Starbucks, the library and unsuspecting neighbors wifi is an annoyance..but you gotta do what you gotta do. So lets do it :)

So far this year:

Regg’s Accident


If you can think off a worse way to kick-off the new year; I’d like to hear it. Exactly 7 days after NYE(7 before my berfday!) my beloved gets hit by a car. YES…another story of a cyclist getting hit by a car. New York City is a city where few dare to ride, commute, what-have-you on their bikes especially because they are afraid this will happen. Of course there is a chance you will get hit, but you run that risk pretty much anywhere you ride your bike, shit man you can get hit not being on a bike! Safety is a huge concern. NY or anywhere else. If you decide to be on a bike, decide with all your mind, heart and spirit that you will be able to deal with something like getting hit… Luckily, the great people at the various Cycling organizations around this city are working non-stop for safer streets and transit, and I’m so proud to be of them all(see Cycling Ventures)!

My 26th Birthday

In a nutshell: It was awesome. More awesome than I thought it would be after such crap flung my way so damn early in the year. Thank you to my injured hubby, my family, and my awesome friends who made it so memorable <33





I didn’t even want cake this year; and I get TWO!


Maw and I failing at vouge-ing >< but I loved my ModCloth Dress!

New Cycling Ventures

Now that we’re all caught up to the present month, I am so very excited to announce that I will be working for Bike New York as a Cycling Instructor this year! All of the amazingly educational classes BNY offers start in April, there’s learn-to-ride classes, traffic skills classes, bike maintenance classes, ITS CRAZY what they do for free! I had training on Sunday with about 10 other future bike-teachers on the Upper West Side, and from the moment I stepped in (3 minutes late ><) I felt welcomed and even thanked. No words were needed, but you can tell that Francesca and the people of BNY really appreciate people eagerly wanting to be part of the #bikenyc movement! I got to break in my new ModCloth bikegirl shirt too :)



Seriously cannot wait to start! Or for Bike month to get here alreadddddyyyyyy!!! I have become a Summer-lover for sure, in midst of Nemo hitting the East Coast, I’ll be sharing a few of my fav photos and stories from last Summer this month!

I needs me some summer lovin’ stat!

Love & Light

K. xo