Monday, March 26, 2012

Early spring


Happy longer-days-and-crazy-weather! Some call it Spring..but not I! Here’s some photos from the 1st week of spring;




Besides the flowers, the street-vendors are coming out to bloom 


Not only are the trees and entrepreneurs rearing their heads, but so are all the children awaiting the sun to shine down on their favorite pastime


crowd only one structure of the WHOLE playground!

Not only are the playgrounds getting attention…the family wheels are breaking out and seeing more turf-



Bare Legs and bikey face! 1st panda of Spring!

I am sad..regardless of the sun and new life it brings, I will miss my scarves, my sweaters, my boots, and my gloves as Summer approach :( I have been trying to ease the transition as to not upset my delicate psyche :p

So here’s some of the outfits-bike or non-I’ve been wearing lately


Necklace: Etsy

Dress/shrug: Old Navy

Leggings: Spanx


Shirt: Old navy(I know right!?)

Petticoat: Hips and Curves

Tights: Curvation


Cardi: Old Navy

Shirt/gloves: Kmart

Shoes/Scarf: Conway


Skirt/Shirt: Old Navy

Scarf: Torrid(old!)

Tights: Sofia Vegarra

Vest: Bongo

Shoes: Gift


Bow: Chubby Bunny(TOTALLY in love with it!)

Cardi-cape: LYS

Tank/Skirt: Old Navy

Bag/tights; Kmart

I had said that 2012 will be the year I make some bold moves, do more daring things style-wise. I cannot wait to blog over at SKORCH Mag about all my recent online orders…o yeah; ILL BE BLOGGING FASHION OVER AT A PLUS SIZE MAGAZINE! I’ve been tweeted;

Skorch Magazine@skorchmagazine So excited to welcome new Skorch Bloggers to the family! @garnerstyle @diyfatshion @barretoleyva @M3s0 @landofmandy @caleo_510 @theplumpinay


O CRAP! I need to get on it! Not only must I prove my plus-size blogger prowess to many new people, I am also unveiling my Chubby Cruisers segment as soon as I get back from my mental-health week! It’ll feature friends/readers/and other people of interest on their bike experience! WEE stay tuned, I LOVE YOU ALL!


The Chubby Cruiser

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The main topic of this blog is meant to be cycling, and this being my first winter as a cyclist, I knew I wouldn’t have much to write on about bikes. I have ventured into fashion, makeup, and otherwise personal posts. That’s a bit of a downer to me personally, since it seems like I’m losing interest in SD all together…until I got on her today:
It’s a recycled outfit, seen before, I just wanted to feel comfy
Dress: Old Navy
Sweater: LYS
Boots: Uggs
Belt: Rainbow
Spring is definitely well on its way here in NYC, we’ve been hitting close to 70 for about a week or so! I am upset I’ll be losing all my awesome winter accessories, but happy I don’t need to bundle all the way up. Todays ride was local, frustrating(at first since it was a new route and destination), and rewarding all at the same time. Confused? You should be. How am I not? This is a normal day in the emotional rollercoaster that is my life!
Terribly written directions…I need to hand write more.
Hubb gearing up <3
I love shadow shots :D
We needed to wind through sections of the Cross Bronx/Whitestone and Hutchison Highways..although I did ride through it back when I did the Tour De Bronx., it was still a bit much for taking a month off of riding.
being the time it was(6pm)..traffic was a-flowin
but at least making it out alive means you get a water view!
Getting a bit lost, confused, angry and sweaty, we made it my liddle sis’ place to do my good deed for the week.
I handed over my awesome 25th Birthday dress to a deserving person. I was toying with the idea of selling it for a while and was hesitant, but knowing its going to a loving home, I handed it right over! She was stressing about finding the perfect outfit for her little man’s 1st birthday party, I was stressing about a bill, it worked out great! I even got to see my widdle (grumpy) nephew-
at least I got one good pic!
The ride back, as always, was way easier, and it hit me that this was part of the 25-mile route for the Bronx Tour! It was tough realizing it on the way there..maybe because of the slight rage..but it only took 10 minutes to get home!
I may have to ride there more often.

CD the CC
(Cruiser Dolly the Chubby Cruiser)
im trying it on for size..need to make this blog more official!
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

A good ‘ol fashioned (curvy)girls-only slumber party!


Last weekend, I had the chance to partake in something I never was allowed to do as a little girl, sleep over a girlfriends house! Looking over the pictures, I have compiled the steps for a successful and super fun slumber party!


This pic is pretty much a sum of good things to come!

IMG_2029 1st: toast to the night!


2nd: Get out the girlie crap!


Pause for pictures


3rd: crowd a mirror while trying to get glowing skin


pause(again) for pictures!


4th: Paint nails a rad color

For the next few hours; Drink, listen to music, gossip, bitch, junk-out, and above all grow closer to your girls <3

Like I had mentioned before, it’s been a long while I felt closeness to females, but I love these gals! We are pretty much similar in everyway besides the obvious, all brash and opinionated, and we all love a good rock show!


…Where have they been all my life?!


*side note*

Thanks to me being linked on TWO different sites on the same day, I have gotten some new readers! Allow me to take this time to thank you all for enjoying the crap I blog, I wouldn’t keep it up without my small group of readers :)



*Check SD and I getting out in the world-


I contributed last summer to Urban Velo and totally forgot about it! So accidently discovering this RIGHT after I get linked in Plus Model Mag's Fashion Friday post, was the cherry on top!



The Chubby Cruiser