Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hometown visit turned fear-facing adventure!

It was a proud day for me last Thursday! Many firsts as a cyclist in NYC I can cross off my list(yes its an actual list!), technically, me and Hubbs. Again, it was so great that I can share this with my one and only, he is a trooper and my love for him never ceases to amaze me Smile
Lets start from the beginning, WE BROUGHT OUR BIKES ON THE TRAIN WITH US! The New York City subway, yessir, you read correctly! Dude, I will not lie, it’s a bit of pain in the ass but its not impossible. If you travel either late-morning/early afternoon or early evening, make sure its not anywhere near rush hour…not a great mix for you and disgruntled subway riders. Choosing the first or last car is key to ease woes of others..I also read on the Bike & Ride link on the MTA official site for any additional tips. They were all helpful and made for pretty easy travel Smile  First stop in our travels was my hometown of Woodside in my (total biased) opinion the BEST BOROUGH in this city
**Quick side note on the pix, I am using Windows Live Writer to do my blog posts, so click on the image thumbnail to see the high-res shot**
I biked in a long skirt! THE WHOLE WAY EVEN ;p
This map was my best friend the whole day!

So we finally make it to Queens..and I’m overwhelmed by a few things. The fact that I spent damn near my whole life here, how much its changed had me in awe, and just how all the memories just flooded me. You see, the motive behind this trip was a sentimental one. I was visiting my Fathers grave..since before the wedding. Since the 26th was his 6th year of passing, I thought it’d be a good thing to bring my bike with me. Daddy was a bike commuter for years before he was diagnosed with Cancer when I was about 5. From Woodside to West 103rd Street in the City! And that was only when I was around, I could imagine how much he rode when I wasn’t around Smile I hope I made him proud with all my accomplishments.
It was a good visit. I had actually talked to him. First time ever..I felt his presence the whole day

There was PLENTY of cyclists in Queens...I felt more welcomed there on Sandy D.

Now Heading to moms for some chill time
Ahh my old stomping grounds…
Saw some old family friends!
I am SOOO thrilled to see my hometown joining the biking movement! I shed a tear of joy on my old blocks bicycle infrastructure!!!
DSCN0801Till next time 39th ave!DSCN0807DSCN0809DSCN0811DSCN0814DSCN0815DSCN0824
On the 34th ave lane….having a blast coastin’ down it

We arrived safely at Ma’s, completely a-buzz from our ride, we sit eat a bit, chatted, and showed off the pictures I took so far Smile She and my father would do the exact thing as me and Hubb are doing.
sweaty mess..ugh...but was SO worth it!
German wine!!!!!!

Thanks for the makeup remover mom! My love for eyeliner can be a hassle to wipe off

<--There's ma!

She was close to tears, and just had to take a picture of us before we departed again Smile
Chopper style ‘tude on human powered rides Angry smile

I was in such a great mood the whole day, even when it did get to be quite emotional. I loved our visits to the ‘rents and was IN love with biking in my hometown. I am so happy with the progress of bike lanes and routes, even sharrows and signs! Queens having joined the movement to make NYC a better and safer and greener place for its residents. Now I’m waiting on the Bronx to pick up these good habits..and will be more involved as August progresses so stay tuned for that!
Going back to my great mood..hubb was feeling the same way so instead of just biking to the nearest train station. we decided to use this brand new infrastructure to make it to Queensboro bridge and bike over to Manhattan!Suffice it to say, IT WAS AS EXHILARATING AS IT WAS CONFIDENCE BUILDING..I AM STILL BUZZING OVER IT…THREE DAYS LATER!
My BFF: felt like dora the explorer!
The stretch from Skillman Ave down to Queensboro was SO fun!
Stopped to take a break at the summit of the bridge: Needed a sugar boost and protein kick
That uphill was BRUTAL! OMG saw a bunch of different cyclists, on so many different bikes and it felt exactly how I thought it would. I was thrilled that I am in a somewhat small group of people that take this mode of transportation seriously while maintaining a childlike love for it.
Not many pix in Manhattan, my camera battery died, and hubb really wanted me to focus on the road….so I’m actually grateful it died…a phrase I hope I never type again haha! Biking from East 59th street to 125th street and Lexington ave(using the 1st ave bike lane mostly) was the most empowering thing I have done in a long time. My accident made me way more cautious when riding, but I took SO many risks Thursday and survived! I am a newbie bike commuter in NYC who went against fears and intimidation and came out alive on the other end. I have a lot to learn still, but now I am more confident in my street riding than I ever thought I could be. This is a huge first step for me ..and for Hubb...Till our next adventure!

Overcoming self-doubt one-step at a time,