Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sharon and Davin Wed…Hindi style!


Would you believe the only wedding I have ever attended was my own? I’m serious! So being invited to such an extravagant, lavish, lengthy, and culturally magnificent Hindi ceremony was a great opportunity! Lucky for us it was our landlords son who was getting married, and the whole wedding(ceremony and reception) was within 4 blocks of our house…YAY! Irene was making it a wet and nasty day…but the show must go on, and so did my makeup Smile


Regg was lucky enough to have a festive shirt..thanks to my mother handing it down to was my Daddy’s


I felt so underdressed…but I do love the dress I got from Old Navy…CLEARANCE OF COURSE!


I could not take a good pic that day..just could not..but I do like this dress a lot! its very vintage feeling and feels like it would be great to ride in..can’t wait to test ride in it SmileI paired it with my off white Coccinelle handbag, which I have only used once before in the 6 years I have had it..I mess up white TOO badly(it’s a brand no one really has in the states, its like the euro coach I guess).


Our landlord(and the whole schmeal) looked fantastic!!

DSCN3629DSCN3637DSCN3640DSCN3642DSCN3673DSCN3689DSCN3721DSCN3703DSCN3722DSCN3728DSCN3768DSCN3771DSCN3772So many gorgeous saris!


The Bride and Groom…how gorgeous is she?


Since we were in a temple, we had to take off our shoes..which I have secretly always wanted to do! I loved the art and statues of gods and deities


Check the program: Love it!


Also a first here on my blog: VIDEOS! this whole thing was so full of tradition and wonder, pics just wasn’t doing the job!


The party went on for days….no really..DAYS! I am good on the partying for a while after this weekend! Glad to be part of so much culture and to be surrounded by such new and interesting things..all a few blocks away from my house SmileIt made me think about how happy I was when I got married. I feel so lucky to have a great husband by my side <3




Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Kid: Sans training wheels :D

Mid-last week, Hubb and I decided it was time for The Kid to ditch his ruddy old training wheels! Pride may be a sin, but we were swelled to the brim with it. Without the help of either of us, he got on his newly two-wheeled transport, and rode on! BALANCE AND ALL! Not one fall with the initial push off..many later…but none for the first few minutes! Suffice it to say, Hubb and I were dumbfounded when he did…stuck in the middle of telling little man to “wait for us!” or “be careful!” he was off Smile Making the family ride to Soundview Park(which is a bit out of the way, especially with The Kid tagging along) went smoothly, and documenting the memories from our ride/picnic, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy Smiledoing it 2 weeks in a row makes me look forward to doing it a bunch more times before the cold sets in.
It was time to take the wheels off!
^^I found it ironically hilarious that he wore this shirt today..HA!
Finally being free of the training wheels, we as a family of bike-lovers, took off exploring our new favorite park.
-We made camp by the Bronx River, and relaxed to some tunes
Monday we did it all again! except this time; I have pink hair Smile
I picked him up a cool little cobra bike lock at Toys R Us few weeks back, finally using it!
We all had bike bags and helmets..even gave The Kid a button I got from Summer Streets.
I thought my outfit was SO CUTE…but I gotta face it, I do not know how to pose to show off please? Been slowly upgrading my lady biker wardrobe…maybe I‘ll post on that soon
is it no wonder why I get gawked at while on a bike? why do I expect less? I’m an eye-catching cruiser doll Smile
The fall-like weather and family rides about the hood make me hopeful..and anxious! LETS GET OUT AND SEE THE WORLD ON OUR BIKES..TOGETHER! FOREVER!
Here’s to our future cyclist