Sunday, January 22, 2012

Quarter Century survived!



My Birthday outfit <3

I put a lot of thought into my birthday this year; the outfit, the outings, and even the perfume! I knew exactly what I wanted this year, which may not seem like a big deal, but after the last 6 birthdays without my Dad I finally felt that birthday specialness. Birthdays were always a huge deal in my family, we always got a weekend to celebrate, a countdown, and(usually) a homemade cake from Dad. I tear up every time I reminisce about those days, but I now realize more than ever that I am lucky enough to have an amazing husband! And boy, this man listens:

I ask for everything Hello Kitty..he makes it happen


Started off with the Balloons


and even the holder :D


cake deco, cookie cutter, a candle and even mega blocks!


what birthday girl doesn’t love a tiara?

My whole Hello kitty-themed birthday was brought up when(a few months prior to my birthday) I was hit by the “holy crap adolescence is done with” brick. I enjoyed my teen years, my youth. After 25 there's nothing but 30 and beyond! Its true that age is nothing but a number, but what I will miss the most is the good times. You know, those times where you dive in head first, no matter what the consequences? That crutch called “just being a kid”? GONE. No more of that! I can rent a car now, all that’s left to wait for is Medicare….*Le sigh* This is the driving point behind my “reliving youth” themes birthday…pink, pretty clothes, tiaras, tons of gifts and doing whatever I want. Ok, maybe it wasn’t that different than any other day, only the fact that it was the day I busted onto the scene ;) Here is a breakdown of my outfit:

My dress, aptly named the “birthday bash dress” is a Domino Dollhouse smash hit


The picture I posted on my Tumblr Blog was reblogged by the awesome Tracy! and its my most popular pic to date :)


I topped off my beautiful dress with the Chubby Bunny x Sanrio bow..its huge and super kawaii! My ring and giant plushie were gifts <3 just like my Barbie Necklace-


I kept my makeup and hair simple…all I really cared about was the dress!


My actual birthday fell on Friday(the 13th!), I took that day to get spoiled by my hubb, an get surprised with a cake from my mom..


mmm Italian mousse <3

Saturday was my night-out-on-the-town, Beauty and The Beast in 3D came out the day of my Birthday, so of course seeing it was a must! Where? Times Square of course!


My cousin and my 2 of my besties came out, THANKS FOR BRAVING THE COLD GUYS!


Besides seeing one of my fav Disney movies, I needed to stop in the Sanrio Luxe Store!


Little Cuz loved my bow so much she got the one in pink!


Twinsies :D


The Birthday girl with the Birthday haul

After a fun night of frollic and feeling like a tourist, I head home, unexpectedly to one sexy man! The Hubb took the night off for me, and had pink drinks waiting for me when I got home-


Sunday, Hubb and I slept in till we decided we should go out for Dinner. I re-wore my dress, cause I sure as hell would not spend all that money on a dress and only wear it once. I didn’t do it for my wedding, I wont be doing it now!


I paired it with my new Vivitix Hk Basket bag I got 50% off the night before!


Its adorable, its Japanese, and its one of a a nice place for my Hawaiian plushie<3

The night was filled with drinks and huge plates of food that were barely touched


My birthday lasted longer than the weekend and was equally as great. I cannot thank my amazing husband enough for all the time and effort(lets not forget money) he put into making me feel like royalty the whole way through..YOU ROCK LOVEMUFFIN! Not to mention a big thanks for all the love, comments, calls, visits, cards, and of course all the HK any true girl could ever want-


Purses and makeup and plushies galore..its an overload! But I appreciate every last thing<3 all this and more can be found on Hello Kitty Junkies page


Here’'s hoping 25 is grand!