Thursday, November 10, 2011

Corsets and Bicycles Part I: Corsets


A corset is a garment worn to hold and shape the torso into a desired shape for aesthetic or medical purposes (either for the duration of wearing this item, or with a more lasting effect). Both men and women are known to wear corsets, though women are more common wearers.

Fashion, as ever-changing as it is, something's just don’t die. The little black dress, a pair of sling back heels, fishnet stockings, the perfect shapewear…a go-to outfit for any woman. While times have changed, women’s needs have not. We are all looking for clothes that we feel great in, and in turn, look great in. I doubt my journey for the perfect jeans will never end. But best believe I will  never stop shopping for them, because once I have it, I will probably never want to take them off. Which is the way I feel about my newest additions to the revamped armada of garbs..
        Top images: The Baronessa steel-boned corset 

Hips and Curves is a plus-size lingerie company based in California and from the first time Hubb sent me a link from their site, I was stunned. They have great shit and offer a range from 1x(the smallest) to 6x(the biggest, but special sizes can be ordered). The models are gorgeous, curvy, and aren’t generic looking in anyway. I know my + size girls out there know what I’m talking about. It’s good to see curvy and chubby girls NOT look as if they are in their 40’s..but look my age.


These may not be the first corsets I have worn, I own an underbust corset to which I plan on using to start up my Waist training(or tight lacing). These are however, my first OVERbust corsets, meaning they cover the breasts(adding some va-va-voom if you get my meaning ;) For a HC’s construction and sizing of Corsets click here and here.
*If you are new to Corsets, sorry for all the jargon that I have and will be throwing around in this post.*
Opening the box was Christmas come early!
Tag attached to Ainsley Corset.
wondering why you see no skin behind the laces? The corsets from Hips and Curves come with a “modesty panel”- you choose how much to skin to show!
lacing2         "To put on a corset properly is as much of an art as to make a corset properly." -- Anna Held

Lacing and tightening a corset on your own is difficult. With practice is can be done, but its ideal to have someone help you; Hubb has become quite used to tying me up *teehee*, so I’m lucky in that department..but I found this guide(along with cute drawings) on self-lacing.
I’ve referred to this video countless times..

A big(if not main) reason I covet shapewear, is because of the body shape I was bestowed. I am the dreaded “apple shape". I use corsets, girdles, extra high panties, slips, cinchers, belts and something called the “Torsette”(which has changed my life!). Typically we apples gain weight in the tummy and face, but blessed with slender limbs….had to give us something right? Not to mention most apples are buxom to boot…anything giving me a wait is total thumbs up.
Body shapes are usually compared to fruit or actual shapes:
Knowing your body helps with dressing it to flatter your assets!

Part one of this two-part post down. Next up: Lady bikers of yore and their corset-wearing history.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Product Review: The Detours Toocan Transit Box

Back in August I had won a giveaway from the awesome gals at Cycle and Style Magazine. The prize being a brightly colored alternative to a clip-on pannier:
Detours, a company based out in Seattle, Washington has a wide selection of bags. Some for the Urban spandex wearing cyclist, where function surpasses looks. Some for the style-conscious everyday commuter, where bags and panniers must prove themselves against the elements, all while keeping a certain flair.
The people at Detours were kind enough to give away one of their Transit box bags, and I was lucky enough to win! I’ve been in the market for a pannier or bag since I got S.Dee, and right when I was getting bummed at the prices at most of them, I win this sweet bag!
I aptly call it; “The Trunk”
The Toocan transit box straps securely onto a rear rack using some super strong Velcro. I admit; this worried me at first. But, after 2 months of using it with no shifting or moving of the bag at all, I ride carefree.
Pretty simple system
The inside is lined and comes with some organizational pockets. Always a good thing when it comes to a bag. The inner zippered pocket came with a nifty rain cover and a note from one of the Editors of Cycle&Style Magazine:
Besides its blatant practicality(it also comes with a removable strap for easy transport), The Toocans most distinguished features is its woven design. It’s made out of recycled juice boxes! No doubt this bag gets plenty of attention and questions. What I love mentioning to each and every person that asks is how this bag is made in the Philippines by independent business women. Profits of every bag sold, goes to keeping these women open for business! I did not buy this bag, but for $45.00 and a good cause, I would have…if I didn’t win it that is!
This trunk bag has been my gym bag, my tour bag, my commuting bag and to my surprise, can fit quite a lot. Even my gym shoes and a jacket!
A few stats from the Detours Website:
Best uses: Touring, commuting, around town, event rides
Volume: 600 cubic inches
Dimensions: 12 x 5 x 8 inches
Average Weight: 1 pound 2 ounces
(The Toocan Transit box also made’s Out Door Gear Worth Splurging on list)
All in all, a fab bag to have in my arsenal!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Prepping for Winter cycling



It’s early November, just before the dead of Winter hits the Northeast Coast, and cold-lovers such as myself rejoice at the briskness. Being born in January I’m inclined to love the cold. I really love the snow, the wind, the fashion possibilities! Being a rekindled cyclist living in what’s supposed to be the fashion capital of the world, I’m still a bit lost when it comes to how bad it can get out here on a bike, therefore making mistakes fashion-wise is going to happen.


Yesterdays bike date outfit:

  • Old navy dress-15 bucks
  • Old Navy Scarf-6 bucks
  • LYS for Kmart Cardigan-20 bucks
  • Jaclyn Smith for Kmart Booties-30 bucks
  • Gloves-gift from mom :)
  • Beret- 7 bucks

Yesterdays outfit got me thinking; I’m here promoting myself as a chubby cruiser, being a plus size chick in itself is tough enough. Being a fashion forward, confident, CYCLING one is an even tougher challenge. I ride in regular clothes, dressed-up/going-out or not, I strive to keep my sense of style intact. With the weather getting colder, there comes more preparation. It’s not crazy cold just yet, but its cold enough to break out gloves and tights and hats and scarves! My kinda weather! My camera(yes the not even 6 month old one) is kaputz…like seriously, I’m stressing how will I photograph rides and such without one?

Sighhh…I did manage to snap some of my new(and new fav) things to wear cycling in the cold:


I’ve been riding in these tights and booties alllll week…perfect for fashionable function.



I wore my Uggs for the tour de bronx..they proved to be quite functional on this 25+ mile ride.


Hubb recently called me “glamorous”..really? even when I’m all laid-back boho chic like in these pic? possibly


this is my go-to jacket. Scored it at this great army-navy surplus store in Greenwich Village for 30 dollars! just so happened to be a 50% off sale at the time, couldn’t pass a rare German mole hair jacket for that price!


I call this scarf my “arab wrap”. Mainly because I get mine from actual Arabians, but mostly because they are great to cover your face with.


Besides being a bit vintage, these gloves are my new fav gloves for riding. Thanks mom! They match my grips!


my new awesome watch isn’t exactly a fall must for riders…but it is a must for HK lovers! excuse the low image quality, my camera died :(

Leggings, boot(ie)s, chunky scarves and sweaters, knee-length dresses and skirts, pretty gloves and wraps are on my list this Fall/Winter.

So is this:

il_570xN.271243287never would have even considered a cape because of my V-shaped body(I have wider shoulders than hips), but I’m taking more “fashion dares”.

I hope to show more plus size chicks that you can do what I do…ride a bike, look stylish, and have the balls to tackle on the streets of New York City.

It can be done.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

The busiest two weeks ever(Week 2)


Right after the completion of my first bike tour, it was onto the next milestone; My first year wedding anniversary!


A whole year already. I try to muster up the emotions I felt the day I married my soul mate, and its just impossible. We were finally joining our lives together within a long standing and traditional institution, and we both couldn’t have been more sure that this is what we wanted to do all along. We said “I do”, partied with friends and family, then moved into our new(current) apartment! It’s my kind of American dream; simple :) The first year has had its ups and downs, not with our marriage but in life generally, and we kept at it. He is my best friend, my support system, and my inspiration to better myself. Which is nothing short of my expectations of a husband to his wife. I never was the little girl planning her dream wedding all including a huge(ly expensive) white dress. Marrying was never on my priority list until I met him, got to know him, got to fall in love with him, and decided he needs to be with me forever <3

We decide to have a good ol fashioned costume party! Everything was going as planned, until the weather decided to skip a few months AND SNOW! Really??? Snow??? In October??? Hubb and I say it at the same time: It’s like The Nightmare Before Christmas! So we took it in stride, put any worry of no one showing-up aside, and cleaned the house in preparation for our guests. And there was a few! I can’t thank them enough for showing up, freak snow-storm or not!


We had a costume contest, jaeger bombs, pizza, and people refusing to was a good time! Thanks to officer Jess for taking all these great shots, I was too busy being a hostess to be a shutterbug! Sincere thanks to all of our guests, the gifts and the memories you have shared with us on our day!


Here’s to more happy years together babe!

The 29th being our wedding anniversary, Halloween is the anniversary of our moving into our awesome apartment! It was a weekend long celebration! On Halloween Day, we get a bit dressed up and pick up The bike of course!


I just thru this costume together..and it all started when Hubb had the idea of attaching my witches broom to Sandra Dee!!

I dubbed myself the “can-sometimes-be-wicked-but-only-means-good” witch of the South Bronx! I felt great…better than I did for the party, and I had on a brand new corset! This costume came together on the whim, and looked fantastic! All I need to do is add a hat, a broom, and some extravagant eyelashes, and I can be in costume any day! People who knew me in my regular get-ups were happy to see me dressed up and STILL riding my bike, so Hubb and I decide to start a tradition: Trick-or-treating by bike!


Lashes and Booties(which I am in love with) intact; we were off to pick up our little Mario!


caught a few photo-ops:


went home and switched his scooter for his bike:


then off to show off our rad costumes round the neighborhood!


With much praise, we do our little roundabout, and decide this needs to happen every Halloween! We are definitely the more original in our neck of the woods, so this was a total spectacle for our neighbors. As is most of what (we) do :)

We had a great time..all weekend.

Now that you readers are all caught up, stay tuned for some product  reviews, and awesome bike-related gifts I’ve been receiving! As well as a few fall bike dates and cold-weather preparation :)