Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The name behind the bike

Sandra Dee…My pretty bike. So feminine, so lovely. It didn’t take long for me to name her. I don’t even remember there being another name to consider…it just stuck. I vaguely remember saying “look at me! I’m on a bike again!” And lightning hits! I make the connection! My favorite musical(Grease) has inspired something great(again)! I go off singing Rizzo’s song “look at me, I’m Sandra Dee!”, and there it is…SANDRA DEE…She’s pretty, classy, easygoing, retro and ultra-feminine. I search the name and come to find that Sandy Dee was a model/actress in the 50’s! Coincidence…I think not :) Here’s an excerpt from the Wiki bio(which can be false…don’t trust Wiki so damn much):

In popular culture

One of the popular songs of the Broadway musical and 1978 movie Grease is "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee", in which the rebellious Rizzo satirizes new girl Sandie's clean cut image, likened to Sandra Dee's. Dee's life with Bobby Darin was dramatized in the 2004 film Beyond the Sea, in which Kevin Spacey played Darin and Dee was played by Kate Bosworth. Sandra Dee is referenced as a sex symbol in Mötley Crüe's song "Come On and Dance" from the album Too Fast For Love. She is also mentioned in Waylon Jennings' 1980 hit "I Ain't Living Long Like This" in the third verse where Angel the road house queen is compared to Texas Ruby and also mentioned in Felix da Housecat's song "Everyone Is Someone In L.A”
You learn something new everyday! Here’s the rest of her Wiki bio. Just thought it would be cool to share the history behind the name I bestowed upon my bike :)
Sandy and cute are they both??!


Monday, September 26, 2011

One month goal: Train for the Tour while recharging my routine.


For the next month I will be blogging about fitness and health, on top of bike blogging, since I am back on my routine for the Tour De Bronx. All summer I haven’t cared what I ate, haven’t gone to the gym, didn’t take one vitamin..all in all didn’t give a crap. All I wanted to do was ride my bike to new places, hang out with hubb and pals, and just enjoy the summer. I haven’t had such a great summer since Daddy was around so trust me, I don’t really care how neglectful I was. I usually hate summer, but because of my bike(and Hubb), I actually had a great summer! SO LONG SUMMER! Autumn is here and I cannot be happier! My heart is in the cold months <3. On top of the excitement for Fall riding-I’m uber anxious for my one year wedding anniversary costume party this Halloween! I’m going frantic with ideas and such…expect a post on that!

Today I started off my conditioning training for the Tour, Hubb and I ride over to the gym(best warmup EVER!):


Ready for the gym! (that basket liner is a gift from the fab BITCHCAKES!)


We live between two highways and along a busy avenue..this does not intimidate me anymore though, CONQUERED!


locked up and ready to sweat Smile


I’m declaring this my “before” shot…Lets see how far I get in a month.

45 minutes on the treadmill…20 on the stationary bike..I could of gone for another hour!


Your eyes are working fine…I took one of my famous panda shots while on the stationary..I couldn’t help it ;p Wore my Century tour shirt I got for free at Summer Streets…I plan on doing that Tour next year!


mission complete!


Bikes, scooters and Heidi braids Smile

I didn’t get enough exercise it seems.. I ended up biking to The Kids school to pick him up. My body seems to have missed activity, I have way too much energy for my own good.

I feel compelled to mention this: I am not doing this for vanity. NOT AT ALL. Although I am pretty healthy(doctor confirmed), I am the type that always reaches for the better. I believe there’s always room to grow, always room to make better choices, and this is what this is about. I am not a self-hating plus chick and never will be, I am a self-improving chick.



Great start!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A few new blogs and bloggers I follow :)

I have been pretty active on Twitter lately. I’ve seem to got the hang of updating and harsh-tagging and all those mentions..FINALLY! I know many who are against the very idea of Twitter, and I was too at first. But today is a great reason to love it; I have been introduced to 3 new blogger gals, got a free week at Lucille Roberts gym, and won some cool-ass bag from Yoek Fashion over in the Netherlands! Regardless of what people say, Twitter is proving to be quite beneficial SmileThese blogs are not relatively bike related, but I support all kinds of things here, my well run pretty damn deep y’all!!
First up is Amy the Awesome Mom who blogs about raising special needs children and life as a Supermom, all while biking, working out at the gym, stayin on track with her Weight Watchers program, and dealing with all the bs in between! Is it no wonder people call her Supermom? ON TOP OF THAT!!..she also blogs on her weight loss and fitness!! DANG GIRL!
April 2010 282
Amy and her troop!
Next up is a ultra-stylish, fashion-blogging lovely plus babe named Olivia! She is a chic Aussie who blogs over at WaitUntilTheSunset. By day a Nurse, by a night a fierce “fatshionista” painting the town red in her awesome + sized wardrobe! Her message is refreshing and so is her spirit, I am very happy to have stumbled upon her blog!
Go’on with ya bad self babes ;D
Last but not least is Ms Kitty Babble. An author who is working on a totally edgy(and so up my alley) called Confessions of a Serial Masturbator. Which will be up for download on the Kindle network soon! I unfortunately have to wait for the paper back since I’m old school (wah)

Thanks for the support girls! Means a lot!
Bloggers unite!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

More solo riding…and riding in heels!


Saturday, Hubb had a national Karate Tourney at Jacob Javitz in the city. I was home for a good 12 hours before he finally got back home…but he did come home with a first place trophy!


Just like I knew he would Smile 

This passed week I didn’t ride my bike. I didn’t even feel like it. This shocked a few people..but not as much as I was surprised. I was just so darn tired! So while Hubb was karate chopping his way through opponents, I grabbed Sandy Dee and rode to Soundview. One of our favorite spots to ride Smile



Since I received my bike for Mothers Day this year, I have been riding as much as I can. I practiced for a while around the back streets, then took on the busy avenues, eventually the City and Queens, and even a bit of Brooklyn. Many milestones have been hit! I can’t help but feel a bit proud..I didn’t expect to get my mojo back so quickly, but its true..YOU NEVER FORGET! Taking myself for rides is especially a big deal since I enjoy riding with Hubb(its safer, and wayyyyy more fun!). I have gotten way more confident and I’m ready to show the cars on the road that I know what I’m doing! I had gotten new heels(thanks to a friend!) and I have been dying to try biking in them. I am comfy in heels, surprisingly so, I gave it a go..


I desperately need a pedi

I did the loop about 3 times..burned a good amount of calories..then got a lil hungry. So I put my sneaks back on, get on Lafayette, and head to the shopping plaza on White Plains.


I get my kebob, then figure while I’m here might as well go grab the liquid incense I been meaning to get for the house..


I seriously love this store! Feels so home-y Smile

I headed home, started cleaning and cooking, did some work on the computer and waited for Hubb to arrive. Once he did our celebrating began! we passed out at 2am haha.

Simple little trips like today’s gives me the confidence to take on bigger challenges. I am being seen, I am biking polite, and I’m a bike ambassador here in The Bronx. I hope to maybe be THE Bronx ambassador someday!

I'm a dreamer honey


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Made up my mind!


I am going to throw all my self-doubt away, and do one of the last Bike Tours of NYC! The Tour de Bronx will be held on October 23rd(only a few days away from my one year wedding anniversary), there’s the option of 25 or 40 mile ride. I am going to start with the steps!

One of the awesome things about this Tour is that it’s in my ‘hood. The 3 years I’ve lived here, I haven’t seen enough of the boogie down. This is the perfect opportunity to see my boro while burning some major calories! There is much prep to be done within the next month. I was planning on restarting my old regime anyway since Fall is here to stay! O yeah, I LOVE FALL! I am SOOO excited for fall riding! I love all the accessory options I have in the colder months, and now being on a bike all the time, I am on the hunt for cold riding must-have’s!

The Tour website have some great tips for the ride:

Tips for a Fun and Safe Tour

  • Follow the directions of the marshals.
  • Wear a helmet.
  • Ride three feet from the curb and parked cars (especially important on commercial streets). Remember, the law states that you have the right to a full traffic lane.
  • Always yield to pedestrians on shared paths and walkers in the crosswalk.
  • Slow down in crowded areas.
  • Signal all turns and stops with an outstretched arm to the left or right.
  • Be verbal. Say "on your right" or "on your left" before passing.
  • Ride predictably. Don't stop suddenly!
  • Pavement conditions vary. Watch for potholes, broken pavement, glass and sunken manhole covers. Pointing out pavement problems to fellow riders is always appreciated.
  • Stay in control of your bike, especially on big downhills.
  • Remember, this tour is not a race.
  • Obey traffic lights and stops signs, and always ride with traffic. Under NY State law, bicycles are considered vehicles and are subject to the same rules (and penalties) as cars.
  • On one way streets without a bike lane, ride on the left to avoid buses. On two way streets, stay to the right.
  • Be especially alert when approaching intersections from bike paths.
  • Respect your environment and your neighbors-dispose of your trash properly or take it with you.
  • Be a cycling ambassador -- courtesy really works!
  • The event organizers reserve the right the right to ask anyone being reckless or unsafe to surrender his or her rider ID and leave the ride.


I am so excited to do this..this will only further my confidence as a Lady Biker on the mean streets of NYC..look out for more posts on my preparation this next month!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

1000+ page views…THANKS LURKERS!


I did not start this blog with the intention of gathering readers…funny as that sounds. This is an outlet of sorts. I enjoy taking pictures and riding my bike-both at the same time-and thought a blog would only be a smart move on my end. I am the creative type, so this isn’t my only way of putting my mojo to work. Maybe one day I’ll take a turn on that road and do a few posts on what I do with the rest of my time. But not yet…no. Not yet…this is all your getting for now Smile with tongue out

All the exposure of my still so new blog is due to some awesome(and fellow biking)lady bloggers, which I will now thank!


The super inspiring, super cool Sheryl aka Bitchcakes is pretty much an everyday celeb in the biking/blogging community over here in greater NYC. I had the pleasure back in August on the last day on Summer Streets to meet and ride with her, and KEPT UP! See if you are a regular reader, this chick fucking rides dude, and is a fitness guru so I felt a tad proud on that day *teehee* She was awesome enough to link me and my blog on her most recent blog post. Thanks Ms Sheryl!

Another Source of this sudden burst of daily page views is all thanks too Barb Chamberlain who had the ingenious idea of getting oh so many great bloggers on one list for our convenience! Sweet of her eh? Thanks for the inclusion B.!

Many other great girls such as Maureen, Karen, Kimmy bear and Julesky are also included because they also read, blog, and bike themselves. MANY THANKS CHICAS!

So as I reluctantly say "Thanks” to all the page views, followers, lurkers, voyeurs, skimmers and sneaks..I hope your enjoying the tales being told. Either way, its no skin off my nose, I’ll keep posting away!

peace and chicken grease


Wednesday, September 14, 2011



from the DOT website

I cannot believe we will be part of this great movement for the future of bicycles! I have been waiting all summer to hear some news, and this morning my Twitter Feed was going ape-doodoo over the news!:

Robert K. Steel:#NYCbikeshare by the numbers: 600 stations, 10,000 bikes, and 200 new #jobs. Quality of Life + Economic Development = Big win for NYC.”

NYC DOT: "The wheels are in motion" for NYC's bike share! Today we announced Alta as the #nycbikeshare operator!

Colin Cunningham: cant wait to try this out! suggest where pickup locations should be for #nycbikeshare

People are a-buzz..and with bike lane and greenway advocacy above 60% approval, NEW YORK CITY IS ON THE MAP! I hope to see our fair city compares to the programs in Canada and Europe…this is great news! I suggested a spot in The Bronx, make sure you get your station of choice up!I cannot wait to see this launch in Summer of 2012…it is ON like DONKEY KONG next summer!


I Red heartNYC..(againSmile with tongue out) !!!

Reuniting with my best friend…and meeting my godchildren!


I have always counted myself a lucky girl. For more reasons than one, I am bestowed a handful of people I consider best friends. Well the “first” of many would be my dearest Courtney. In the passed three years he; moved to Cali, had kids, got married, and made a life for them all out West! I couldn't be prouder of him, but of course, missed him so. Through the grapevine of friends and family of friends, I heard he and his little family were visiting! This passed Saturday, I joyfully head over to my old stomping ground(yet again!) with Sandra Dee between my legs :)

DSCN4887DSCN4888DSCN4890DSCN4895DSCN4896<-reusable tote of course

God mommy will never show up empty handed! I believe in showering my loves with gifts.

I get to Grand Central..and it’s pretty quiet..


I was a bit spooked I will not lie, but it was probably due to all the precautions the City was taking on the anniversary of 9-11-2001.

I was SUPER packed for this trip. I was also testing out the Detours Transit Box rear rack bag I won from a giveaway on Cycle & Style..great site for lady bikers alike! I was also given a Bell foldable pannier…lucky lucky me Winking smileReviews up soon


I get to Queens, and as always, am flooded with happiness to be back home Smile


Still SO happy to see my old streets lined with bike friendliness Smile

Made it to the ‘hood, instantly greeted and awe-stricken by me rollin in on my sweet-ass ride! Turned out they were having a Birthday BBQ…I PICKED THE PERFECT DAY TO STOP BY!


Couldn’t wait to give them their gifts! These are my god babies: Da’sani and Courtney Jr. aka CJ. I finally get to meet them..and MY GOD I fell in in love with them immediately, and am so honored to be the one entrusted with them if any unspeakable happened..along with another best friend of mine Jay:


aww! he loves his uncle/godfather :)

It was a great day that turned out to be more than expected, I mean I saw damn near ALL MY BFF’S IN ONE PLACE! That hasn’t happened since freakin High School! Here’s a few of my fav shots of this super great day:


If your my friend on Facebook, then you can check out the rest :)

I seriously wish there was a way to bottle up that entire day…it was perfection. Friends are everything to me, I have had the same friends for years and that isn’t changing a bit. I’ll see my loves again soon <3