Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Year-end clearance is the best kind of clearance!



Shopping as a plus size girl is not a walk in the park…scratch that, if you’re the AVERAGE sized woman in America(14/16) its hard to shop. You get to places that carry a range of sizes, and if your like me, your sizes are gone and only left with either too small or too big choices. LAME. If your even more like me, you see things like this:


and get a bit more angrier. Not at the shape wear..never at the shape wear! It’s the marketing that pisses me off. I love what these products do, but why put already in-shape women wearing your products? Its us girls with love-handles, and muffin tops who buy these!! Ok this isn’t a rant post, I just needed to let that out..I'm good now :)  On to the great stuff I would not have gotten if not for the massive markdowns;


Left to right:

2 Infinity Scarves- $7 each

Double buckle faux-croc belt- $5

Sparkly skinny belt- $5

Sweatpants- $8.50

Graphic Tees- $6.50 each

Hello Kitty Fleece- $20(not on sale I think but I needed it)

!the best old navy find that day!


I gasped so loud, people came to my aid..I am a huge Grease fan! $8.50


and this leopard fleece for $3..yup 3! FYI: that was a bike outfit on a VERY cold day..terrible ride, just terrible..

That’s it for Old Navy, on to Macy*s…my cousin had gotten me this GAWJUS dress for Christmas!..in the wrong size :/ Damn junior plus sizing! Hubb and I take a leisurely bike ride to the nearest Macy*s Sunday to find a replacement for the lovely garment..no dress :( But I did get goodies from a designer I LOVE but could never afford!!


I have been dying for ANYTHING BJ for too long! 50% off is the best reason to finally get some things


Its pretty big right? Glitteratzzi wallet- $35 orig. $59

Picked up these ultra-soft, super cute, slipper boots also half off;


Beddy-bye boots- $15 orig. $30..had to get another pair for that price..black and pink ones!

After getting my Betsey fix and saying bye to that dress( :( ), I pull out the gift card she gave me as well, and head over to the beauty counters!


O how I love the displays <3


and a man who can stay hardcore surrounded by pretty smelling things and carrying pink bags <3 I end up at the Juicy counter and give in to my needs…


I’m a perfume lover, since I couldn’t spring the big beautiful bottle, getting the sampler seemed like the way to go..all three scents; Viva La Juicy, Couture Couture & Juicy Couture for $38

I think I have indulged my designer sweet tooth for now…my leopard one too


Shirt, embellished tank., booties and heating blanket

The week leading up to my birthday has been great…3 DAYS LEFT! I won’t blog till after , but I’ll be sure to blog about every memory of my 25th :) Special hello to my new followers, love you all!



  1. Oh my gosh you got some good stuff! I'm loving all of the leopard and totally jealous of your leopard fleece. Happy Birthday (early)!! I hope you have an amazing birthday!! Mine is coming up to towards the end of this month. :)

  2. It's extremely hard for me to shop for my size too. I avoid jean shopping like the plague just because I can NEVER find a pair that fits me properly. I don't think it matters what size we are...finding a perfect fit is impossible unless the clothing is tailor-made. I know with me my rump is one size while my waist fits into a completely different size column. It's frustrating. Just wanted you to know that you aren't alone :)

    Looks like you got some great stuff! Betsey Johnson is amazing!


  3. Wow! Fabulous purchases!! Its bad that the dress did not fit you but on the bright side you got so many Betsey Johnson goodies!