Friday, December 30, 2011

My (half)year by bike



Mothers Day 2011..the day I got Sandra Dee.

This blog is still so very new, I only started it early June! So reading all the blogs on my roll(and then some), I notice that writers like to sum up their year with one last post before the clock strikes midnight. Since I’ve only had 6 months worth of blogging(or at least trying too), I thought that I wouldn’t be able to write much….upon lookin9g at ALLL my pictures, an backtracking some posts, I’ve had quite a busy biking year!

So I joined the rest out there in the blogosphere and decided to recap the joyous(and maybe not so much) months with my Sandra Dee!

  • June:


Only one post back in June, and it was an introduction to my reason for starting this blog as well as topics I wanted to cover. I was brand new to blogging..and biking! There was SO much out there I wanted to learn, and not enough hours in the day to learn it all!..o yeah and I had blue hair :)

and some great riding partners <3










  • July:

I was in a pretty gnarly accident


skin clean off!

That had me down…but not for long! There was trips to the park, the market, and even to Queens to visit my Father


It was him who gave me the balls later that day to say; “Lets cross the bridge and ride Manhattan!” Thanks Daddy <3

  • August:

This month was a big and busy one! We had a mini-vacay to
Connecticut and our bikes came with Smile I met the coolest people on the bike trail who took my pic!


Drew and guys made my whole vacation!

Summer Streets was SO much fun! I’m looking forward to car-free Manhattan streets next year! This year we only did 2 out of 3 Saturdays, next year its all three :) I met some of the other LadyBikers(and blogger fame-dom) of NYC those Saturdays as well!


Riding and meeting Sheryl was like meeting a celeb! Keeping up with her was like something off my bucket list!

DSCN3001 (2)

Julie, Malaika, Me, and Kimmy bear! Not pictured; the mega-sweet Maureen!

Regg and I even got shot by famed #BIKENYC photog Dmitry @ his Summer Streets booth!


The Kid took off his training wheels this hot and sweaty month too-


This is the smile of a very proud two-wheeler :)

We even scored an invite to a Hindi wedding!


  • September:

We started off September with a Birthday bike date to Riverside via the West side GreenwayDSCN4422

This is pretty much the view for the entire ride…amazing

I got my mom to get back on a bike!..and got some pink in my hair!


Not only was that one for the record books, My outfit the day before is still one of my fav bike outfits to date!







I was such a golden goddess..I miss sunbathing!

I had the best luck too this month…I won/was given SO much bike-related goodies!


  • October:

was a freakin’ HECTIC month! Started with a bang when I completed my first bike tour


Amy the Awesome mom was just one of the many riders I met that day!

My darling Husband and I made one year married this month!


He’s the coffee to my crème…

I love you so much Hubba!

We also did our trick-or-treating by bike Smile


*A review of mine on my Detours Transit box was featured and linked on the official Detours site!*

During this half-year by bike I:

  1. got in a crash
  2. went through 3 bells and 2 mirrors
  3. had one tune-up and no flats
  4. completed my first bike tour
  5. crossed 3 bridges and 4 boroughs
  6. became a spectacle in my neighborhood, and in turn inspired some other chicks to get on their wheels
  7. met other awesome biking/blogging people, and learned about the cycling community of NYC
  8. discovered the joy and freedom of a bike again
  9. learned to love the awesomeness of a fat-bottomed girl on a bike…and


Speeding up to the present month, December one of my best blogging months, I’ve gained a few new followers and readers! I can only work at growing as a writer, cyclist, and woman in this upcoming year. There is no end to learning, and I hope to learn all I can in 2012!


Last BOOTD(bike outfit of the day) or 2011!


Thank you all for reading and I hope I continue to deliver some entertainment with a side of attitude in this new year! HAPPIEST OF NEW YEARS TO YOU ALL!



  1. It was great meeting you on and offline. You are so very awesome! 2012 Here we come.

  2. Looks like a great year!!

  3. You have had a great year! Congratulations. I've really enjoyed reading your blog and scrolling through all your photos. How great it is be young and hip and living in NYC! And to get your mom on a bike! My mom is 79 and would love to be on a bike after god knows how many decades. I wish I lived closer to her so that I could help her meet the challenge. Anyway, I can't wait to see what the New Year brings to you, the Hubbs and the Kid.

  4. Looking good Kristy! Love the blog and can't wait to read more about your adventures! Luv u! -Lisa