Sunday, May 6, 2012

2nd Annual New Amsterdam Bike Show kicks off Bike month!



Last year was such a whirlwind of bikey-related information, it’s going to be hard summing it up in my 1st Bloggiversairy(which is the end of the month!) and my 1st cycleversairy(Mothers day!).

I only just missed last years New Am Bike Show. I was NOT missing it this year. The Hubb and The B felt the same, and so we made it a whole #bikenyc day!


Hubb and I looking our trademark..I have no clue what that may be, but we rock it every time

New Am Bike show BOOTD;

Shirt: Hot topic (MISFISTS! wanting this shirt since High School!)

Skirt: Death by Tea; Domino Dollhouse(in L-O-V-E! Its Goth, yet Girly. Frilly, yet obviously versatile..I RODE MY BIKE IN IT!I recommend a Petticoat for added shape/volume)

After meeting the B at 59th & Lex, we rode our way over to the west side. Soho bound!



Crossing Central park and all its glorious tire-related art!

After making the hilly terrain of the Central park loop our respective bitch, we make it to Riverside, then onto the West Side Greenway..


About 5-6 miles in, we make it to Hudson St and lock our bikes up at the Bike valet. This brings me back to Summer Streets….*le sigh* Thanks for being so awesome TA!



Bike nerds <3

Entering this place was a tad overwhelming…WALL-TO-WALL BIKES & BIKE-Y STUFF! We just started snappin’ away(in midst of grabbin as much swag as possible :p)


I went into this show looking for chicks. As many chicks as possible…I need to see just how many females are really submerssed in the New York City Bike Community. I am constantly bitching about how there isn’t much representation for the female rider(especially in my borough of The Bronx)…there is not enough girls with balls big enough to ride around on a regular. I was happy to see a good amount of females to males at the show…then I saw a book after my own feminist heart--


of course I bought one! and got an autograph :)


Great meeting you April! Make sure you visit her site Girls on Bikes!

We visit the rest of the booths, grab the swag, and headed for booze!



After a good beer buzz, we pick up the bikes, and ride over to the East Side for a victory meal and even more booze :D



At the risk of rushing this post, I must get to bed for the TD 5 Boro Tour tomorrow, I’m volunteering and check-in is at 6:30 am! It’s already a busybusy Bike month, with MUCH more to come!


Ride safe!

CD the CC xxo


  1. Love all of your pictures. Have I ever told you you look fantastic in those glasses?!

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  3. <3 <3 <3 <3 I HAD TONS OF FUN!!! <3 <3 <3

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