Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hermie; A simpler bike.


Not sure there’s many women who have gotten two bikes the past two Mothers days…not sure there’s many who’ve even asked! I am the kind of woman to want a bike instead of brunch. Go for a ride instead of going to a movie or play.

I like to think I’m one-of-a-kind :)


This is Hermie, My new Single Speed Schwinn Coffee

He’s a big boy y’all. 28” wheels, longer frame(it’s the L/XL model for heights 5’10”- 6 feet) and that seat…I’m up SO high! I tower all those I pass! I was veryvery reluctant about his size, which is why we stood in the bike shop for over 2 hours, and if I were going to be able to ride him successfully.

We adjusted the handlebars a few times, as well as the seat, sat on it, got off it and repeated the whole process about 7 times(maybe I have slight OCD? I’ve toyed with that notion for years). After discussing, testing, adjusting, and asking, The Hubb convinces me that this bike should be always, I rarely fight with him when he seems so sure. We ring him up, add a water bottle cage, had the bike shop guys inspect it for any loose ends, and just like that…HERMIE IS MINE!


Walkin’ Herm home :D


Mad with happiness apparently.

I have already answered some questions(since I asked myself the very same upon purchasing Hermie) that anybody may want to ask me about the newest member to our bikey o’hana <3


A: Yep.. a One-speed. In New York City. Right off of Castle HILL Avenue.

Can’t lie, I was doubtful and intimidated at first. Would I be able to pedal a 1 speed? What about hills? What if you can’t keep up with other cyclists? Keep reading to find out how, in retrospect, that these doubts were just plain silly

Q: Uh…isn’t that a Mens frame?

A: Yep..sure is. Never seen a chick ride a guys bike before?


Q: Where’s Sandra Dee?

A: She’s in the backyard! I could never get ride of her! Truth be told, SD needs a complete overhaul…and I needed a break from all the dings on my legs from constantly getting hurt by her. But that’s for another blog post.

After I repair/revamp her, she will be my grocery bike, my main tour bike, and my photo shoot bike. I will use Hermie for mainly longer rides, meetups, shows, and tavel.

Q: How is he different than SD?

He is way bigger than SD, so it took(and is taking) some time to get used to having to dismount at red lights. His handlebars are more like those of a classic cruiser bicycle, so they are wider, but still swooped back enough that I’m comfy with them.

I have a lot more leg clearance! I hate to admit it, but SD is a bit small for me. DARN THESE LONG LIMBS OF MINE!!

Q: What are your accessory plans for Hermie?

Minimal. I love him clean and sleek, just how he came. I have always wanted a Basil pannier, but the one I want wouldn’t have looked good on SD, it will with Herms lovely Espresso color! Until that lovely bag comes into my possession, I thought(and bought) a Pink bell and Pink grips would look good. If they look great, I’ll get some pink Fyxation pedals.

Q: Hows the ride?

Smooth like Velvet! I mean…DUDE. I couldn’t stop saying that with every bump I took, every bend we came up on , seamless. SD was never  this smooth. Not even right-off the floor.

His maiden voyage was a trip to City College, followed by an epic ride with the B thru the Upper West side


They were on a date :)


Somewhere on Riverside Drive


We like posing in front of signs.


first lock-up..W72nd


On the 6

If I hadn’t lost my bike computer, I could have given you actual mileage of the whole day, but here’s our ride in Riverside:


Upon further research, I learn that Herm is:

  • A Schwinn Signature Series bike, and only bike shops sell it.
  • He is last years model.
  • There is not one bad review on him, and frankly, there shouldn’t be because he really is an amazingly simple bike.
  • A commuter bike.
  • Covered by the bike shop(if he gets stolen) and was priced wayyyyyyy under the listed price. PLUS, he gets lifetime adjustments for free!#supportsmallbusiness!

After such a successful maiden voyage, I’m looking forward to a long happy life with him. I must admit, I love my Schwinns!





  1. where did you get those stripe stocking from??? You have to most rocking bik-riding outfits babe!

  2. I love the new ride and give you mad props for the single speed. I did a fixie in San fran during college. Way before fixies were cool (I'm not trying to say I'm a trend setter...but) ;)

  3. Avoid leaving your beach cruiser out in the rain or outside overnight if dew is a possibility for the next morning.

    bike lock

  4. I had an amazing time B, I love your new bike its beautiful, if you get all the pink accents on the bike, IM GONNA BE CALLING HIM PINK FLOYDer!!!

    Cant wait to Tour de Bronx with you!!

    Lova ya!
    <3 <3 <3

  5. Very cool, very sharp! It's totally fine to have two bikes. You might want to consider having your new Schwinn outfitted with a double pronged kickstand. I just got one for my Breezer but have been foot dragging on installing it.