Monday, July 16, 2012

Tour de Brooklyn; CONQUERED!



I realize that under a year as being a cyclist in New York City, I have accomplished quite a bit. I’ve also realized that doubting yourself is an almost everyday part of life. I’ve immersed myself in bikey stuffs for the past year…little did I know I’d be up on the haps in the NYCbikey community. Or even be part of it. IT FEELS GOOD! I cant wait for this summer..and I hate the heat!

I got my stuff ready the night before..Dress, bag, water bottle, clean bike.


Getting up in the morning was a breeze, just as the ride into Brooklyn. I left about an hour and change earlier than planned because I just had to see The Hubb before wheels down!


Sleepy dumpling..least I got a good luck kiss! <3

He headed to a Karate Tourney in Williamsburg, so we kiss and parted ways. There was another hour and a half till Check-in closed, so I waited for the Bee in front of the York Street station. Within that time-I guided fellow cyclists to check-in(Commodore Barry Park)..told them, to take Jay to Flushing which leads into the park…or Sands St which also led to the park. Remember when I said I knew nothing about BK? Well I don’t….but I did read my cycling map about 18 times. NO LIE.

Once the Bee arrived we proceeded to check-in, buy a shirt, and snap a few pre-tour pics


there was a lot of friggin’ people brah..

IMG_20120603_100052Including Julie Fantastic from TA, a fellow feminine biker girl! Great meeting you hun!

Took a while to start rollin’ due to the massive amount of riders, but were finally off!

IMG_20120603_100846Grabbed a panda before we really got moving!


Yup, that’s a fairy princess riding the TDeBK!

It was already a great tour of a Borough I know virtually nothing about…except there were toooooooooooo many damn stops! Least there were some good photo-ops :)


Knew Id run into Bitchcakes and her bikey gang at some point!

took about 15 minutes to get moving again..and little did we know the halfway rest stop was just up ahead. So there was more time to get some more pics and pass out some more cards-BUT FIRST! pictures by the Verazzano!


Hermie has seen much in his 1 month of being my bike :)



Here’s a few of the peeps that passed me while relaxing under a treeIMG_20120603_115538

I’m a big fan of Rosie the Riveter, seeing this get-up made my day even brighter! ROCK ON ROSIE!


and this dapper gents name is Maury(at least I hope it is ><) How friggin’ cool is that Lycra Top?! ‘Twas an honor to photograph you sir..


This lovely young lady is Isis….her hair made me crap myself!

What felt like forever once more, we moved on with the tour, and I relishing all there is to see of this mysterious borough. I was grateful for the chance to see this borough, no matter if it was only 1/4th of it…BK is HUGE! Besides it being my first tour in Brooklyn, there was a few other firsts; Like me riding it with my Bee


riding it with a new bike


and last but not a least…a new attitude. No doubts, no limitations, no excuses…I could do it on single-speed, I can take on hills, and I can do it all in a dress!

Soon enough(unknowingly) we hit the final stretch of the tour..Grand Army Plaza, Prospect Park, and the BQE!


Stolen from the Bee*


Before we knew it…we were back at Commodore Park, the starting line..REALLY?! its over?! Just in time though, thunder started rolling in as we turned that bend. So a few last minute pics were in order:


We done did it..we are woman hear us roar!!!!


Hey that’s Jen from the Tour de Bronx! and an awesome recumbent couple!

So about here my phone dies. It starts raining. and I make my way to Regg over in South Williamsburg all by my map and my wits.

WHAT A DAY! Went home to gorge, rest and try on my Tour shirt


The shirt is adorable! The tan I got was not. But the Urban Velo issue I was in was waiting for me, and that lessened the affect :)

What a bikey summer so wonder I’ve started to slim already. SINGLE-SPEED REALNESS.

CC xo


  1. Looks like a great day,sorry I missed it. You should be proud of all your accomplishments!

  2. WOOO that was an awesome time! And I love the pic of me on the highway with NO HANDS! LMAO!! <3

  3. Beautiful pictures... congrats! I love your blog and just became a new follower! Maybe you could return the favor? Hop on over to:, read it, and follow me if you like it! That'd be AMAZING!