Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fancy meeting you here..


Is that too cliché for my first blog post in months? I cant help but feel I had stood up every one of you who still read this blog. Like I never called like I said I would. its not you its me..

OK! I think I got it all out..for any of you wondering where in hell I have been, I honestly don’t have the right answer for you. I don’t want to say I was turned-off by blogging, but it is difficult to keep up the whole “me me me” aspect of it. So, I took time off, enjoyed my summer, and I am back and have been waiting to get the motivation to step it up  this upcoming year. I have been lucky enough to meet and learn from other babes of the bike and plus size communities, I have the confidence to stop stopping myself from trying things differently!

I will take time to recap the busybusy Summer and Autumn I had. As my debut post, I am proud to introduce my debut in Skorch Mag! If you recall, I have been a blogger for them for a few months…but never really produced anything. And believe me, I have beaten myself up about it long enough. I barely made the deadline for this music-themed issue..I used mobile pictures that I thought wouldn’t cut it..of me in a last minute Halloween costume. I am amazed I even made it! Thank you Courtney and Tiff for having me in this AMAZINGGGG issue!


Click here to read the entire 187 page issue for free!

This gave me the kick in the ass to get back to blogging, take risks, and grow. I hope I still have some readers who have stuck around. If I do..thank you <3

New layout, pictures, and all-around feel coming really soon!


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