Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Nostalgic Thanksgiving.

New York City around the holidays-there’s nothing like it-It’s a city filled with traditions. None more iconic than the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade!


Now you know I was thrilled to see HK’s debut!


Click to see all pictures from the parade!

I cannot remember the last parade I went too. All I remember is that Captain America was still a balloon….YEAH, I KNOW! I felt like such a kid cheering and smiling from ear-to-ear, it was a great start to one of my favorite holidays. Most, if not all, to blame for my pre-Christmas jolliness was the fact that The Hubb and The Kid had never been to the parade! AT ALL! EVER! Their first one was with me ^_^


After standing around for 5 hours in Little Brazil, we rush to Mom’s to change and head to Long Island. Going out there is a tradition as old as me..maybe older I don’t know for sure. My mother is originally from L.I, and told me I spent my first year of life out there..imagine me in suburbia? Sitcom-status. Going out there is the last bit of my childhood I don’t ever want to let go. It has stayed the same for 20-something years, get there-eat-pass out, its hard to get that kinda stability from anything in this day and age.Cell phone plans included. On to my outfit for dinner!

photo 4

All that really matters to me about this outfit are my coat and shoes. I love Houndstooth, and it’s one of this seasons major trends.

photo 1-2photo 2

  • Coat: Voluptuous Vixens
  • Sweater dress: Dress Barn(gift from mommy :)
  • Shoes: Iron Fist for Just Fabulous

Let me take a moment and gawk at these platforms:


Now these are some edgy oxfords!

I’m 5’9” these 6 inch puppies, I’m 6’4”. Do I care that it makes me a giant? Chest, legs, and butt to the sky? No, sir..Do I care that it makes my already strong legs look as if I just shot em full of steroids? Well, yeah, kinda but that goes with them being 6 FRIGGIN INCHES! The higher the heel, the bigger/curvier/stronger your calf will appear. There has been so many discussions on how a taller/plus sized woman doesn’t “belong in heels”…screw them! If you love it, ROCK IT! Read my review of these babies here.

I have found the shoe-goldmine…and its name…!

‘Till next time!




  1. Fabulous my dear! :)

  2. Fabulous! And those shoes=LOVE

  3. I don't know if i can handle walking in tall tall heels again but I need Iron Fist in my life.