Monday, April 1, 2013

The Brooks Lady B18 Saddle

If you’re a cyclist, you know Brooks:
They are the epitome of quality, class and sophistication.
I am such a fan of the English, don’t ask me why, I can’t really explain it. Perhaps because London is the birthplace of Punk? I am quite the punk at heart :) Regardless, I have drooled and dreamed of having anything with the Brooks name and logo on it. Sandra Dee was not the bike to accessorize with Brooks(as cute as she was and as much as I miss her), but Hermie? He is my dapper man and is definitely the bike to have a bit of “B” on him! This Christmas, I was lucky enough to open up this amazingly beautiful saddle;
Not bad for the last saddle you'd ever need right? This is one lovely lady! I literally stared at her for hours and hours in awe of her detail..she’s a beauty! She is part of Brooks’ Unique Collection, each saddle in this collection have over a centuries history, the people of Brooks have preserved their construction hence making these particular saddles unique. The Lady’s design dates back to 1920! The lovely vine and flower design adds a bit of girliness to my dapper-man of a bicycle :) I’ve put under 200 miles on The Lady, but from the first time my cheeks touched that leather, I knew this was the seat for me and possibly every woman out there! The leather is already forming to my body, making it truly mine!
I get asked all the time from potential female riders; “Which seat is the most comfortable?” “How do ride long distances on a seat? I always end up being uncomfortable.”. Comfort is the number 2 reason more women don’t ride. Number 1 is safety concerns, but that’s for another post! I have been through 4 seats in two years, I have tried almost all the inexpensive “comfort cruiser” extra-padded type seats, and looking back I cannot believe I didn’t invest sooner!
My butt is happy! for $200 it better be *insert slight grumble*
Yes it’s a tad expensive when you see the price tag, but think of the big picture, this saddle is guaranteed for life. No exaggeration, I’m going to be 56 and still have this seat! I met a man downtown with a Brooks racing seat he’s had since the 80’s..I was born in the 80’s! That’s bananas y’all. That seat of his was worn in beautifully, I wish I got a picture! I’m sure I’ll go through a few bikes before the seat needs retiring!
I highly recommend The Lady for the commuting cyclist, the city and touring cyclist, and the fat-bottomed cyclist ;) Can’t wait for their show @Bicycle Habitat in June!Check out all Brooks can offer you for a smoother, classier ride!
Happy Riding!
K xo

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