Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WEBike NYC’s Bike-cleaning Class and Brooklyn Bike date!

Sunday was a much-needed break from reality. Hubb and I really needed to just get out, ride our bikes and be together outside of a doctors office or home. Its been hella-cray y’all! I am so thankful to have been able to make it out and support fellow Bronx BikeGirl-Laura Solis- and get in some miles whilst at it :).
The class was held at the highly #bikenyc acclaimed Bike-shop/Café Red Latern Bicycles. I’ve been trying to get to this place for almost a year, I am barely in Brooklyn as it is, but that is changing since I’m delving in manymany bikey adventures this year! This place lived up to the hype:
The famous ‘farthing!
Trying not to be distracted by alllll the bikey-goodness of this place, I joined in on the class just as Laura was scrubbing her derailleur;
The class was catered to geared ladies
and single speed ladies
we were all hard at work getting the grime off our rides!
Thanks WEBike for a great class with great bike ladies!
After only wiping Hermie down(I hate a dirty Hermie, so he was pretty much clean!), I caught up with Laura, took in the shop, petted the cat and had my first latte in years!
Hubb and I decided to stay in BK, so we rode around till we hit Grand Army Plaza and Prospect Park, and of course grabbed a photo op or two;
A couple who I guess saw us taking bike portraits and stuff, came up to us and offered to snap a few shots for us…how nice!
it was easy being us around this guy, he was super funny!
IMG_1216this one is my absolute favorite! Thank you kind strangers for the memories!
Our little shoot done, we head to the Prospect Park loop, a place I am familiar with thanks to the Tour de Brooklyn last year! Hubb has never been, but has always seen the park on Alleycat races on YouTube, so I had to show him around :)
We ended up doing three laps back to back to back….we were in bikey heaven!
Every one was out enjoying the day; joggers, skaters, scooters, rollerbladers and even equestrians! Where that couple keep their horses is way beyond me…only in New York man. Being fueled by that latte alone, after lap number three, I grabbed a few shots of The Hubb with his new bike. Thank you so much to the people at his job who pitched in to get this for him after his accident..we are truly grateful!
As the sun sets, we make our way back into Manhattan via the Manhattan Bridge(way better than Brooklyn bridge; climb and traffic-wise), and head Uptown via the 1st ave bike lane. But not before grabbing a well-deserved lager and basket of Onion Rings!
30 miles in total on this grand day. Slowly but surely, things are getting back to normal, and we are counting our lucky stars <3
Happy Cruisin’!
K xo


  1. You and your hubby are so cute! I am so happy he is better now xxxxxxx

    1. :D from one cute couple to another :* thank you babe! Xoxoxoxo

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