Sunday, November 6, 2011

Prepping for Winter cycling



It’s early November, just before the dead of Winter hits the Northeast Coast, and cold-lovers such as myself rejoice at the briskness. Being born in January I’m inclined to love the cold. I really love the snow, the wind, the fashion possibilities! Being a rekindled cyclist living in what’s supposed to be the fashion capital of the world, I’m still a bit lost when it comes to how bad it can get out here on a bike, therefore making mistakes fashion-wise is going to happen.


Yesterdays bike date outfit:

  • Old navy dress-15 bucks
  • Old Navy Scarf-6 bucks
  • LYS for Kmart Cardigan-20 bucks
  • Jaclyn Smith for Kmart Booties-30 bucks
  • Gloves-gift from mom :)
  • Beret- 7 bucks

Yesterdays outfit got me thinking; I’m here promoting myself as a chubby cruiser, being a plus size chick in itself is tough enough. Being a fashion forward, confident, CYCLING one is an even tougher challenge. I ride in regular clothes, dressed-up/going-out or not, I strive to keep my sense of style intact. With the weather getting colder, there comes more preparation. It’s not crazy cold just yet, but its cold enough to break out gloves and tights and hats and scarves! My kinda weather! My camera(yes the not even 6 month old one) is kaputz…like seriously, I’m stressing how will I photograph rides and such without one?

Sighhh…I did manage to snap some of my new(and new fav) things to wear cycling in the cold:


I’ve been riding in these tights and booties alllll week…perfect for fashionable function.



I wore my Uggs for the tour de bronx..they proved to be quite functional on this 25+ mile ride.


Hubb recently called me “glamorous”..really? even when I’m all laid-back boho chic like in these pic? possibly


this is my go-to jacket. Scored it at this great army-navy surplus store in Greenwich Village for 30 dollars! just so happened to be a 50% off sale at the time, couldn’t pass a rare German mole hair jacket for that price!


I call this scarf my “arab wrap”. Mainly because I get mine from actual Arabians, but mostly because they are great to cover your face with.


Besides being a bit vintage, these gloves are my new fav gloves for riding. Thanks mom! They match my grips!


my new awesome watch isn’t exactly a fall must for riders…but it is a must for HK lovers! excuse the low image quality, my camera died :(

Leggings, boot(ie)s, chunky scarves and sweaters, knee-length dresses and skirts, pretty gloves and wraps are on my list this Fall/Winter.

So is this:

il_570xN.271243287never would have even considered a cape because of my V-shaped body(I have wider shoulders than hips), but I’m taking more “fashion dares”.

I hope to show more plus size chicks that you can do what I do…ride a bike, look stylish, and have the balls to tackle on the streets of New York City.

It can be done.



  1. I love the cape! So sassy and 50's glam, like something my late grandmother (always a fashionably glamous plus sized lady w/ perfectly coiffed hair and makeup her entire life)would wear.