Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The busiest two weeks ever (Week 1)

As readers know I took part in my first bike tour on October 23rd, a tour I was about to skip entirely. Even with getting my period the night before! I did it…bleeding and all. 25+ miles all along the Bronx, talking, mingling, and a bit of sweating(only a bit). I had praise all along the way…from the public to my fellow riders. My many nicknames include: Hello Kitty, Barbie, Pink, Red(by the colorblind obviously) and of course the ever cliché Sexy, baby, nena and all that jazz a woman in NYC can possibly hear. I LOVED IT ALL..any other day..I wouldn’t have. Today was an exception, I wanted people to remember me, and ask to take pictures with me and they did! I was even photographed by the Daily News, but I never did get to see it :(
I’m trying to lean this blog towards the plus size fashion area for some time now, so here is what I wore;
  • Leopard Blouse-Old Navy-15 bucks
  • J’adore shoes Shirt-Old Navy-about 15 bucks
  • Sparly Beret-Kmart-10 bucks
  • Ugg boots-custom- a gift!
  • sweater leggings-Rainbows-4 bucks
I was comfy, yet trendy, and got plenty of compliments on my outfit that day. All while bleeding like a stuffed pig and bloated as hell…..who knew?? I felt great that day…if I can bottle the emotions up, I’ll never sell it. The human brain is amazing, regardless of what my body was going through, I had the drive to do this. I sure did do it! My pre-tour gift from Hubb came along with me, and got just as much attention:
The plushie came with me…my flowers and lashes stood home :)
I met up with riders IMMEDIATLEY! I rode to my train station, got on the platform and was greeted by dudes from the Puerto Rican Schwinn Club of Brooklyn. They had such sweet Schwinns! all custom! Being a Schwinn lover and user, this was a great start to a long day!
Cyclists were everywhere! all over the trains, platforms, it was a sight to see…biker hoard in the bx!
The starting lines were jammed, but I eventually found my way around
I met up with Amy the Awesome mom plus met a few cool Lady Bikers!
even more impressive was how Amy literally just got this bike, and is riding it for the first time since childhood in this 25 mile ride! GO GIRL! After a message from the Boro Prez, we were off!
We hit the best parks in the Bronx…some I haven't even been too yet!
besides finally biking around the city I have been residing in for 3 years, I met so many great people! I ran out of business cards not even halfway thru the tour, so I hope the people I met remember my blogs name at least! Its quite memorable, don’t you agree?
My content smile evokes this blogs title
My face remained thusly the whole way…even when it got hilly and even ended up at what seemed to be the end of the line. Running on no fuel for such a long amount of time, all whilst “losing fluids” was tiring. But my will to finish was overpowering every sleepy bout!
There were three rest stops along the way, where I met up with fellow lady biker-bloggin Maureen!
There was awesome people, awesome bikes and super cute police escorts! I did get escorted for a few miles with some cute guys
My dream came true! I got to ride my bike on a highway!
this awesome family were the first to dub me “Hello Kitty”…saw them a few times and this is the only good pic I got of them, hope they had fun! I lost them right when we were entering a park that me and Sandra Dee are all too familiar with; Soundview!
Sandra Dee and Amy’s bike-Lenny-taking a break riverside, then off to another familiar greenway..
The line to get the free shirt and pizza was long as hell! But I was getting my shirt dammit!…all that way to the finish when I could have headed home midway? I earned this shit!
Before I took my tired ass home, I had to say her to Bitchcakes and give her a Hello Kitty thank you card that I hope she liked :) She got this badass picture of us:
it was cool seeing her again :)
Finishing gave me a second wind…or maybe third? Either way I may have been running on nothing but pure adrenaline and pride when I thought I could bike home. I was wrong. But lucky me I had escorts to the train station, I cannot remember their names! at the time, I was buzzing with happiness and accomplishment!
thanks for a rad ending to a fun tour guys!
Getting home was quick because I had ended up talking bikes, bike tours and cycling in the Bronx with a hardcore cycling chick..I didn’t know there were any! I seem to be the only one (besides the few popping up, thanks to me I wager) who is seen more on a bike than not. It was refreshing and made the ride home as memorable as the tour itself :) I got home, looked at the pictures I caught, gushed to Regg and took a fish oil capsule for my aching knees and other miscellaneous joints. It works, I cannot recommend it enough for post-tours or runs!
Doing this, in the condition I was in, should cure my constant self-doubt. I did it, I really did. I would do it again! I actually can’t wait to do it again! Next time, I’ll be preparing thru training, hopefully revealing a whole new me to the rest of the cycling community.
It’s goal setting(and keeping)time!


  1. Congrats on doing it! It was such a berate day, wasn't it? I'm off for a ride shortly. We are lucky we still have good cycling weather.

  2. best first tour ever! i hope your doing the rest next year? I wanna do em all!