Thursday, November 3, 2011

The busiest two weeks ever(Week 2)


Right after the completion of my first bike tour, it was onto the next milestone; My first year wedding anniversary!


A whole year already. I try to muster up the emotions I felt the day I married my soul mate, and its just impossible. We were finally joining our lives together within a long standing and traditional institution, and we both couldn’t have been more sure that this is what we wanted to do all along. We said “I do”, partied with friends and family, then moved into our new(current) apartment! It’s my kind of American dream; simple :) The first year has had its ups and downs, not with our marriage but in life generally, and we kept at it. He is my best friend, my support system, and my inspiration to better myself. Which is nothing short of my expectations of a husband to his wife. I never was the little girl planning her dream wedding all including a huge(ly expensive) white dress. Marrying was never on my priority list until I met him, got to know him, got to fall in love with him, and decided he needs to be with me forever <3

We decide to have a good ol fashioned costume party! Everything was going as planned, until the weather decided to skip a few months AND SNOW! Really??? Snow??? In October??? Hubb and I say it at the same time: It’s like The Nightmare Before Christmas! So we took it in stride, put any worry of no one showing-up aside, and cleaned the house in preparation for our guests. And there was a few! I can’t thank them enough for showing up, freak snow-storm or not!


We had a costume contest, jaeger bombs, pizza, and people refusing to was a good time! Thanks to officer Jess for taking all these great shots, I was too busy being a hostess to be a shutterbug! Sincere thanks to all of our guests, the gifts and the memories you have shared with us on our day!


Here’s to more happy years together babe!

The 29th being our wedding anniversary, Halloween is the anniversary of our moving into our awesome apartment! It was a weekend long celebration! On Halloween Day, we get a bit dressed up and pick up The bike of course!


I just thru this costume together..and it all started when Hubb had the idea of attaching my witches broom to Sandra Dee!!

I dubbed myself the “can-sometimes-be-wicked-but-only-means-good” witch of the South Bronx! I felt great…better than I did for the party, and I had on a brand new corset! This costume came together on the whim, and looked fantastic! All I need to do is add a hat, a broom, and some extravagant eyelashes, and I can be in costume any day! People who knew me in my regular get-ups were happy to see me dressed up and STILL riding my bike, so Hubb and I decide to start a tradition: Trick-or-treating by bike!


Lashes and Booties(which I am in love with) intact; we were off to pick up our little Mario!


caught a few photo-ops:


went home and switched his scooter for his bike:


then off to show off our rad costumes round the neighborhood!


With much praise, we do our little roundabout, and decide this needs to happen every Halloween! We are definitely the more original in our neck of the woods, so this was a total spectacle for our neighbors. As is most of what (we) do :)

We had a great time..all weekend.

Now that you readers are all caught up, stay tuned for some product  reviews, and awesome bike-related gifts I’ve been receiving! As well as a few fall bike dates and cold-weather preparation :)



  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! And rocking party photos! Looks like you guys had an awesome time! :)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  2. ty babes! we did! it was super fun :D