Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The main topic of this blog is meant to be cycling, and this being my first winter as a cyclist, I knew I wouldn’t have much to write on about bikes. I have ventured into fashion, makeup, and otherwise personal posts. That’s a bit of a downer to me personally, since it seems like I’m losing interest in SD all together…until I got on her today:
It’s a recycled outfit, seen before, I just wanted to feel comfy
Dress: Old Navy
Sweater: LYS
Boots: Uggs
Belt: Rainbow
Spring is definitely well on its way here in NYC, we’ve been hitting close to 70 for about a week or so! I am upset I’ll be losing all my awesome winter accessories, but happy I don’t need to bundle all the way up. Todays ride was local, frustrating(at first since it was a new route and destination), and rewarding all at the same time. Confused? You should be. How am I not? This is a normal day in the emotional rollercoaster that is my life!
Terribly written directions…I need to hand write more.
Hubb gearing up <3
I love shadow shots :D
We needed to wind through sections of the Cross Bronx/Whitestone and Hutchison Highways..although I did ride through it back when I did the Tour De Bronx., it was still a bit much for taking a month off of riding.
being the time it was(6pm)..traffic was a-flowin
but at least making it out alive means you get a water view!
Getting a bit lost, confused, angry and sweaty, we made it my liddle sis’ place to do my good deed for the week.
I handed over my awesome 25th Birthday dress to a deserving person. I was toying with the idea of selling it for a while and was hesitant, but knowing its going to a loving home, I handed it right over! She was stressing about finding the perfect outfit for her little man’s 1st birthday party, I was stressing about a bill, it worked out great! I even got to see my widdle (grumpy) nephew-
at least I got one good pic!
The ride back, as always, was way easier, and it hit me that this was part of the 25-mile route for the Bronx Tour! It was tough realizing it on the way there..maybe because of the slight rage..but it only took 10 minutes to get home!
I may have to ride there more often.

CD the CC
(Cruiser Dolly the Chubby Cruiser)
im trying it on for size..need to make this blog more official!
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  1. I love you big sis. :]
    I still can't thank you enough. <3

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    Enjoying it very much!

    Almost 50 yr old SoCal Cyclist.

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