Sunday, March 4, 2012

A good ‘ol fashioned (curvy)girls-only slumber party!


Last weekend, I had the chance to partake in something I never was allowed to do as a little girl, sleep over a girlfriends house! Looking over the pictures, I have compiled the steps for a successful and super fun slumber party!


This pic is pretty much a sum of good things to come!

IMG_2029 1st: toast to the night!


2nd: Get out the girlie crap!


Pause for pictures


3rd: crowd a mirror while trying to get glowing skin


pause(again) for pictures!


4th: Paint nails a rad color

For the next few hours; Drink, listen to music, gossip, bitch, junk-out, and above all grow closer to your girls <3

Like I had mentioned before, it’s been a long while I felt closeness to females, but I love these gals! We are pretty much similar in everyway besides the obvious, all brash and opinionated, and we all love a good rock show!


…Where have they been all my life?!


*side note*

Thanks to me being linked on TWO different sites on the same day, I have gotten some new readers! Allow me to take this time to thank you all for enjoying the crap I blog, I wouldn’t keep it up without my small group of readers :)



*Check SD and I getting out in the world-


I contributed last summer to Urban Velo and totally forgot about it! So accidently discovering this RIGHT after I get linked in Plus Model Mag's Fashion Friday post, was the cherry on top!



The Chubby Cruiser


  1. awww! looks like an awesome girly night!! xx

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  2. It looks like you had such a great night!!! I love sleepovers, they are so much fun.

  3. Its great hanging out with your best girlfriends!!!

  4. Cute post!! I loved your photo tag - girly crap!! And you ladies look fierce with that bright blue mask!!

  5. very much so girls! we should all have some fun sometimes!!!! <3

    thanks for all your comments!