Monday, March 26, 2012

Early spring


Happy longer-days-and-crazy-weather! Some call it Spring..but not I! Here’s some photos from the 1st week of spring;




Besides the flowers, the street-vendors are coming out to bloom 


Not only are the trees and entrepreneurs rearing their heads, but so are all the children awaiting the sun to shine down on their favorite pastime


crowd only one structure of the WHOLE playground!

Not only are the playgrounds getting attention…the family wheels are breaking out and seeing more turf-



Bare Legs and bikey face! 1st panda of Spring!

I am sad..regardless of the sun and new life it brings, I will miss my scarves, my sweaters, my boots, and my gloves as Summer approach :( I have been trying to ease the transition as to not upset my delicate psyche :p

So here’s some of the outfits-bike or non-I’ve been wearing lately


Necklace: Etsy

Dress/shrug: Old Navy

Leggings: Spanx


Shirt: Old navy(I know right!?)

Petticoat: Hips and Curves

Tights: Curvation


Cardi: Old Navy

Shirt/gloves: Kmart

Shoes/Scarf: Conway


Skirt/Shirt: Old Navy

Scarf: Torrid(old!)

Tights: Sofia Vegarra

Vest: Bongo

Shoes: Gift


Bow: Chubby Bunny(TOTALLY in love with it!)

Cardi-cape: LYS

Tank/Skirt: Old Navy

Bag/tights; Kmart

I had said that 2012 will be the year I make some bold moves, do more daring things style-wise. I cannot wait to blog over at SKORCH Mag about all my recent online orders…o yeah; ILL BE BLOGGING FASHION OVER AT A PLUS SIZE MAGAZINE! I’ve been tweeted;

Skorch Magazine@skorchmagazine So excited to welcome new Skorch Bloggers to the family! @garnerstyle @diyfatshion @barretoleyva @M3s0 @landofmandy @caleo_510 @theplumpinay


O CRAP! I need to get on it! Not only must I prove my plus-size blogger prowess to many new people, I am also unveiling my Chubby Cruisers segment as soon as I get back from my mental-health week! It’ll feature friends/readers/and other people of interest on their bike experience! WEE stay tuned, I LOVE YOU ALL!


The Chubby Cruiser


  1. babe you have mad style!!!
    All your rocking skirt outfits are sooooo cute! xx

  2. Cute outfits!! Congrats about blogging over at Skorch!!

  3. You look amazing in these photos! I can't imagine how you could possibly be more daring in your style. Glad to hear you are spreading your wings by blogging at other venues as well. Post those links!

  4. wow....!! amazing :) love ur style :)

  5. please put up more pics......!!

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