Monday, October 17, 2011

Testing out a new look + getting back to my old self <3

I’m trying out a new look for the blog, you likes?

Besides my ever-changing styles, I got on Sandra Dee Sunday and rode a bit with the Hubb! Felt great! I know we missed each other, as the neighborhood missed its almost daily viewing of me zipping back and forth. I need to start writing down what people say to me, it gets a bit outta control. Even my bro-in-law(who lives quite a few blocks away) heard people singing my praises by his ‘hood! “It’s crazy how you’re like a celeb around here!” he tells me on a visit few days ago. I have so many mixed emotions about it, I have always wanted to be invisible mainly because I get so much damn attention. I did take Psych in college, so this probably stems from me being teased in my childhood and constant reclusion into myself to deal with it. I know I ask for it by dressing the way I do, but trust me I rather blend in, but, to stick out in the crowds of NYC is something to be happy about right?…..right?? No matter how old you are there will always be an insecure little girl inside fighting to get out. I'm too old for this shit I tells ya.

Anyway, Sunday was great, here’s some fav shots of today(taken with a broken camera mind you)

We love Kmart..we are always in there


apparently there was a giveaway…mention FREE and we allll over it!


I love my nurse Hello Kitty beanie baby that also helps a country I have mad love for :) She went for a ride on a bag my bestie Jacob brought back from London!


We also went to Old Navy, where I always seem to score great shit at! A leopard Blouse, a Pink a-line pleated skirt, blue bow headband a new bike goodie bag, and an adorable new jewelry box and a sparkly beret!


ill take a pic in the full outfit..may be my Tour De Bronx outfit :)
 also got to test out my new Bell Wo Light a word GREAT-SHIT!


If you’re a girl then you must agree..Shopping is the best therapy!

I'm back in action baby...The chubby cruiser will never be down for long ;)



  1. SuperKat - it was nice meeting with you and Cheryl on the Bronx ride. You're doing a great and positive thing, and you deserve your celebrity. Keep it up. I'll post some more pics here tomorrow!