Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 2 and a solo rain ride.

Today was definitely a Monday. My camera screen cracked, I felt too weak to hit the gym for some reason, and had a good ol fashioned marital spat. The latter is a rare occurrence I’ll admit, which is why it threw off the rest of the day. ALAS! One week in my regimen, and I’ve lost a fluctuation 5-8 lbs. I fluctuate like crazy…this is no surprise. But a loss is a loss, and I know exactly what the problem is. I LOVE SWEETS! Hubb thinks I lost all water weight. I’m not too sure if I am the water-retaining type, but I think the loss is more because of the purge on all junk food I did. Friday the scale said 10 lbs even! I could NOT believe it…until the scale crept back up after a weekend of snackage :/ There it is! The culprit! Damn you! With a mix of the stationary bike, treadmill, and elliptical, the Tour de Bronx will be a piece of cake!

Sandra Dee has been REALLY helping with burning extra calories..I’ve been riding her as often as possible. To and from the gym to start :) Speaking of riding, I had a quick rainy one to the market for some soup. The weather calls for it!


Layered up and ready to go


It wasn’t that bad :)


I’m happy I got to use my rain cover for the toocan transit bag I won a month or so ago!


The soups and croutons fit perfectly in it :) even had room for a treat I picked up for me and Hubb


I was so confident riding in the rain, I’ve gotten much more confident in general. Picking up The Kid from school by bike, riding to the gym, to meetings, to the market, to friends houses. ITS HELPED SO MUCH! Cars have been respecting me, no new boo-boo’s, climbing hills with more’s a grand thing :D Tackling the elements on a bike is something you can’t read about, you just have to face em head on.

I am loving fall riding so far, minus the drizzle would of course be ideal but, I love jackets and scarves and gloves! THIS IS GONNA BE SOOO FUN! Especially when I can substitute a helmet for a cute hat:


but only in parks and on greenways! Safety is first!






(1st week: –5/7 lbs.)


  1. damn snacking!! that is my downfall too!!

  2. These days are just made for riding. Hope we will be as lucky in two weeks...Tour de Bronx!