Saturday, October 22, 2011

Preppin for D-Day


The eve of the Tour de Bronx is upon us. Throughout all the struggle to condition myself, and struggling with the feeling of failing at it(surgery or not), I am still doing this bike tour. With encouragement from my Twitter and Facebook followers and of course my wonderful husband, I decided to not flake out on my original goal. I am not going to stop myself anymore, with anything. The only person stopping me; is ME. No longer. Three months from now it’ll be my 25th birthday, and as realization sets in , I come more and more to turn with the notion that I will never be a teenager again. I rather enjoyed teen-hood! I have great memories, lessons, stories, and quotes to pass on to my successors! Leaving the folly of childhood behind is putting me in a place where I am sad, but also content with the woman I am (still) becoming.

I have been neglecting my bike something serious…NOT ON PURPOSE THOUGH! Detoxing all the meds I have been on made me feel even more sick! Is that even possible? Could there have been that big of an impact on me? I admit I am no pill-popper…for anything really, not even cramps! Ugh anyway, Sandy Dee was dirty, she needed some things replaced, and was not making her debut at a tour looking horrid! So I took this morning to take care of her and make her pretty…hoping all the while if I would look just as good as my bike. Its hard to keep up with divas sometimes..


Made this list WEEKS ago!


S.Dee’s rusted and weather worn mirror…ick


Stuff off, ready to wash! Turtle was is fantastic for glossy finishes and minor scratch removal.


Not quite sure when I decided to have S. Dee stay inside with me tonight instead of outside with the rest of the family bikes…but she’s staying inside with me tonight!


is that a box wearing a tutu? Yes! and its part of my Halloween costume!


Freshly taped handlebar grips and London Metro License plate!


As I pick and lay out an outfit for tomorrows cold start(58 degrees!) to the somewhat possibly sweaty finish, I am looking forward to seeing some lady biking and blogging friends, as well as see the borough on the best transport ever. BICYCLES!


Hope I can sleep tonight..



  1. Looking forward to seeing you there! Glad you decided to go for it!

  2. Sandra D cleans up pretty!

    Twenty-five is a landmark age. Definitely, not a teenager anymore. I can promise you that getting older is nothing to get sad or forelorn about, even though you will hear plenty of people moan and complain about being old. I think it's all about attitude and how you decide to spend your time and what you keep in your mind and heart. Your fun, personal style will keep you young at heart all your life and riding your bike and doing other fun things that keep you active will keep your body strong and able.