Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wang Chung: I hardly knew ye

While in what seems as the final stretch of my recovery from surgery, I cannot help but feel I have been neglecting so much. My blog, my bike, my sanity. I have much to catch up on and even more to make better. I’m taking advice on Blog appearance and even subjects I should cover. Still being a newbie, I am very open to suggestions from vets. But I digress, this post is about an old bike of mine. We didn’t have much time together, but it was a sweet affair. Here we go:
Last year Hubb brought me home a (very) used Globe Bike. And when I say used I mean USED. But good lord I was so happy! I rode him for a bit during the Fall of last year, mostly around the block and down to a blacktop to get back into the groove of being on wheels. Not nearly used as much as Sandra Dee, but did have a few
I change like the seasons I swear..Late summer ‘10
At the time we had roommates, this was right before we got hitched and moved the hell out, and the day he brings the bike home one of em goes “Which restaurant is missing a delivery boy?” I cannot help but agree, this bike is used, and dinged up as if it was used to deliver Chinese Food around the ‘hood. Hence is name..Wang Chung.
Hubb, The Kid, and little brother giving him a day
W.C is a memorable bike. Ratty as he was, I loved him and our short time together. He was even a big part of my wedding last year; I rode him to pick up the keys to our new place, and again as I toted the last bit of crap from our old place on that glorious moving day(witch's hat and was Halloween watchu want from me :p?) So thanks for the memories W.C! and the basket…I kept it as homage to you


  1. awww! I have an old bike like that; really must go dust it off and get out on it again! I hope you are feeling better soon :(

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  2. Nice that WC got you started! Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well, and glad that you are up and around again! One week to go til Tour de Bronx!

  3. thank u girlies for the comments :D and yes O I feel better :D