Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Riding a bike is just like…..riding a bike



Granted, I haven’t have a ride for about 3 weeks so it’s not like I can forget any skills, but it has been too long for my taste. In those 3 weeks, there was rain, snow, and coooooooold ass weather! Our bikes sleep in the yard covered by a tarp(which almost made me cry on a snowy night, I was gonna bring Sandy Dee inside to sleep), so they aren’t sufficiently protected from everything.

This past weekend, I rolled her out to clean her up, and JESUS! she was dirty…and rusty :(



She is not even a year old yet, and look at that wear-and-tear! I have already replaced parts over the course of riding her, but I honestly did not expect to be replacing the fenders so soon.


My seat needed replacing too, but I knew this for months. A nrw seat must be able to hold my awesome(London Metro!) license plate!

I may have neglected her for under a month, but she looked like hell. If I can be brutally honest? I wouldn’t recommend my bike for long term use. I have replaced too many things, had quite a bit of trouble with the right brake and seat post, so she may have cost $180 at the store, but after pumping in all the extras its more like $260. Yes, she is gorgeous to look at. She has a whimsical retro feeling to her, but if your looking for an all terrain transport, this is not the bike for you. If you know me, you know I love my bike..she makes me happy as fuck. I just felt the need to put my concerns out in the open, for mental clarity and reference purposes for anyone interested in purchasing a Schwinn Wayfarer. Besides cleaning and turtle waxing her, I get her a new seat and mirror as a way to apologize for my neglect;


with the help of The Hubb, SD gets her new accessories on good and tight


and for the next two days, test out the new seat

IMG_1347 (2)

I got the Schwinn quilted comfort cruiser seat, my rides are super smooth!


We are having Spring weather here in NYC this week, I picked a great time to spruce up my ride and get back in the streets! I was hit by the blues a little after my birthday, which is not all that uncommon during the winter, but after riding my bike 2 days in a row my mood has definitely changed. Todays 57 degree bike ride was truly wonderful, I know I was smiling the whole way!




*Off-topic; but if you notice a change to my hair, that’s cause I ripped off the extensions and am back to my natural locks! I’ll be blogging my journey, so look out for hair posts!

The Chubby Cruiser



  1. The only thing good about not getting enough snow for more than two days of skiing this winter has been getting to ride my bike most of January. I'm loving being able to be out on the street pedaling in a brisk morning chill.

    It's hard to know how much to invest in a bike when you aren't sure how much you actually are going to use it. If you already have an old beater bike to test your commitment with it's easier to be okay plopping down $500 for wheels with all the accessories you need. My husband got a super cool, retro looking Schwinn from Target four years ago when we first decided to start bike commuting. It served him well but after a year he had to start doing some repairs because things started popping off. Last year, he decided "I'm in" and found a men's Breezer Uptown 8 on sale at our LBS. Other than a bike mirror,it came with all the accessories he needed. Still, it was $800 that he wasn't ready to commit (plus we're older and had time for our salaries to grow - you two are still young and have a child and the expense of NYC so how much you pay for a bike is an even more complicated issue). You know you are committed. Your dirty girl, Sandra Dee, will probably serve you just fine for a few more years until you find just the right bike at the price you're ready for. Personally, I've always had to defer to what I could afford at the time - which is why I don't own a Workcycles Oma! We'll get there, girl.

    1. Schwinns are great bikes! I love em i really do, I never saw myself paying SO much for a bike, but like a car the more money the better the ride! I really cannot see myself with any other bike...if she dies..ill replace her with the same Wayfarer model!

  2. well hello hot stuff! I love your hair like this!

  3. Aww she's all pimped up now! I miss riding a bike!

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