Monday, February 20, 2012

(B)OOTD: Purple for my Paw




New sweater!: LYS- $25

Handbag/leggins: Bongo-$6..yes on clearance!

Bike necklace: One of my most fav Etsy shops!

Today would have been my dear old Dad’s 51st Birthday, and what seems like half my life without him here, it was by far the easiest one in 7 years. The Hubb brought home some of his favorite roses, and a cupcake to light as a little memorial;


Purple being his favorite color(he always did want a Purple electric Bass..), and seeing how I snagged a new purple sweater, handbag and a purple eye shadow(in the most AMAZING belated bday package ever!) I wore all the purple I had for todays bike ride


Big Thanks to my babe Tesko for the awesome TokiDoki eye shadow! Killer Candy it is<3 A B and the F post on that soon!


We are eccentrics..and are well aware of this fact.


After scoring some presidents day sale priced crap, we head home. Nothing special, nothing big..but its what dad liked to do.


  1. I am sorry about your father. My dad and I were close and he died three years ago. His birthday and the day he passed are hard. He was a chef so I cook to remember him, the purple day bike ride sounds sweet.

    1. why thanks you hun..and im sorry for your loss as funny my dad was as well! ahh how the world works

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your father. It's so sweet how you celebrated his life on his birthday. Got me all choked up.

    1. aww thanks mama <3 at least he'd like how it was spent :)

  3. Replies
    1. thanks so much <3 for the kind words and for reading my post :)

  4. Sorry for your loss, glad you could remember your Dad in good ways, like celebrating things he liked (purple!).

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