Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh yes, it’s ladies night!


Know what’s kinda sad? I don’t remember my last girls night. Honestly. I’ve been consumed by other things, I suppose..but that’s not a good excuse! So after a long-awaited return to the night-life, Friday was the day to step on out!


My BOOTD(bike outfit of the day) pretty much are things you’ve seen before


Sandy D. on the 6 <3

Being the city-dweller I am, I often take my bike on the train. It’s an easy way to get away from your neighborhood, and tour all that the other four boroughs have to offer! Also $2.50 for a mini-getaway ‘aint too damn shabby :) Regardless of that, IT’S A PAIN IN THE ASS!!! And my long-time, back-to-biking, babe M found that out today!


Killin the “bike on train” strategy!


WITH them boots…haaaaawt

We take the 5 train to Borough Hall in Brooklyn, which is really the only area of BK I’m familiar with, and map out our bike ride from there to the event. We took the Dean Street Lane all the way there!


yes, we’re going the right way!


only one good panda was taken :/

After about a half hour of pedaling, we arrive, park our bikes, and headed inside this quaint total-DIY studio!


A little background on the straight awesomeness going on here:

Sue Rock is an amazingly generous and wonderful person who is doing something something so noble for the community-

Sue Rock Originals is an eco-fashion brand of "back to basics" separates which are flattering to every figure! Be a Sue Rock Original! Sue Rock Originals is a Brooklyn based green clothing line available at high end boutiques throughout the New York area.

There are classes on knitting, crocheting, sewing your own clothes all for women who were victims of domestic abuse, as well as the general public. But todays Ladies night was surrounded by sorting through BAAAAAAAAGS of bras/undies/nighties(ALL DONATED AND NEW!) in preparation for a lingerie sale coming up!


Dude…this wasn’t even 1/4th of the donations….

Sorting bras by number and size gets a girl thinkin’..women are more obsessed with boobies than men! Think about it…Aren’t you always looking at your own, seeing if they look good? Looking at other women's, in comparison? YEP YOU DO ;) Anyhoo, these were brand new underroos, either samples or completely tagged so its not like these donations were taken from just anybody. Besides helping a great cause, the night was filled with food, wine, and great people! Every woman there was just beautiful, inside and out!


O where to start?


how adorbs is Jess? GAH!




Jess, PJ, and Myrna <3 Finally got meet PJ, she’s been my friend on Facebook for the longest!

It was really good for my be helping a cause and hanging out with such cool women. It was just what I needed! Never again will so much time pass before another girls-only event! If you’d like to help out this fab place do some fab things and are a New Yorker here is the address:

1069 Bergen Street
between Nostrand and Rogers Avenues
Crown Heights North
Brooklyn, NY

Lingerie isn’t the only thing offered here either…but you wouldn’t know that by looking at what I scored for 20 bucks!



Mina-chan even likes what I scored :)

Other greatness I MUST mention:


I took part in the “I Stand against Weight Bullying” Campaign by author Marilyn Wann(of FAT!SO?) This is been a HUGE reaction to the Georgia’s fat-shaming ads:


Regardless of where you personally stand, I took part of this as the little girl growing up being teased and ridiculed back in school, who is standing up for herself and others like her. We are all people, and need to be treated as such…my sister-in-ink Melanie knows the deal. I cannot be more proud to have had this made and to be part of the backlash and revolt against this “Strong 4 life” BULLSHIT!


health, wealth and love at every size



The Chubby Cruiser

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  1. Wow, this is such an eventful post! Your photos are always so much fun, I love looking at them! I need a girls night's been way too long!