Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The name behind the bike

Sandra Dee…My pretty bike. So feminine, so lovely. It didn’t take long for me to name her. I don’t even remember there being another name to consider…it just stuck. I vaguely remember saying “look at me! I’m on a bike again!” And lightning hits! I make the connection! My favorite musical(Grease) has inspired something great(again)! I go off singing Rizzo’s song “look at me, I’m Sandra Dee!”, and there it is…SANDRA DEE…She’s pretty, classy, easygoing, retro and ultra-feminine. I search the name and come to find that Sandy Dee was a model/actress in the 50’s! Coincidence…I think not :) Here’s an excerpt from the Wiki bio(which can be false…don’t trust Wiki so damn much):

In popular culture

One of the popular songs of the Broadway musical and 1978 movie Grease is "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee", in which the rebellious Rizzo satirizes new girl Sandie's clean cut image, likened to Sandra Dee's. Dee's life with Bobby Darin was dramatized in the 2004 film Beyond the Sea, in which Kevin Spacey played Darin and Dee was played by Kate Bosworth. Sandra Dee is referenced as a sex symbol in Mötley Crüe's song "Come On and Dance" from the album Too Fast For Love. She is also mentioned in Waylon Jennings' 1980 hit "I Ain't Living Long Like This" in the third verse where Angel the road house queen is compared to Texas Ruby and also mentioned in Felix da Housecat's song "Everyone Is Someone In L.A”
You learn something new everyday! Here’s the rest of her Wiki bio. Just thought it would be cool to share the history behind the name I bestowed upon my bike :)
Sandy and cute are they both??!


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