Sunday, December 4, 2011

Its like I‘m always playing catch-up


Whether its with paperwork, gym work, reading and even seeing friends! Keeping a blog means being consistent with posts, and I feel like I can do a better job. One of my resolutions this year is to make time for blogging, there is many different topics I want this blog to be about; fashion, cycling, body positivity, city life, road to a healthier order to cover them all, some organization is needed.

Besides having a typically great Turkey day, here’s what has been getting all my time lately..

  • I joined a new gym!


like my old gym, its quick to get there by bike


I quickly found my parking spot

Here’s some shots of the lobby


Inside set-up


It’s a far cry from Planet Fitness….I made a pro and con list:


  • Classes!
  • Welcoming vibe even if you’re a new member.
  • Easily accessible by bike, and not far from the house.
  • Change of surroundings
  • All the freebies, and even birthday Zumba classes! I may do it for mine next month.
  • Same membership price.
  • Success stories within the members of the gym, I met a girl doing WW during a workout, just another sign to get my ass to WW!


  • Old equipment
  • Minimal weights over 50/60 lbs.
  • Having to sign up for cardio machines..I’m lucky if I get an elliptical for a whole hour *ugh*
  • The hours of operation:

Mon - Thurs: 8:00am-9:30pm
Friday: 8:00am-8:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am-2:00pm

Seems as the pros outweigh the cons! Don’t you love when that happens?


I wore my Tour de Bronx Tshirt for the first week..if finished 25 miles, in the condition I was in, I COULD DO ANYTHING..wearing this reminded me of that.

Besides that, I’ve been shopping around, still revamping my wardrobe.

I am going coo-coo for petticoats lately so I ordered one!


My petticoat from Hips&Curves came before Thanksgiving, after stuffing my face I just had to try it out on Sandy Dee. Did it again for Fridays ride,‘cept I wore the petticoat alone;


Posing is still pretty awkward for me…I’m still getting comfortable with full-body shots, but progress is progress right? I felt like a child riding around in a pretty poofy skirt, my smile could not be contained :)


The first skirt if from City Chic, the second from Domino Dollhouse. My main focus on a petticoat is fullness..I plan on pairing petticoats with my two gorgeous corsets :)


Speaking of progress, Tumblr threw this at me and I couldn’t help but think of all the girls out there embracing themselves. No longer hiding. No longer caring the words that spew out of peoples mouths.


I’m proud to be part of this revolution of confident women who know that a number doesn’t define who you are. Being healthy surpasses being thin(ner). Everytime :)


One leader in the revolution: Tess Munster. A true inspiration.

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  1. You're clearly a strong woman so lifting weights looks like a great way for you to spend your time. I've been into it for almost 30 years and love it.

    I know what you mean about committing to your blog. December through February are the most challenging times for me since I'm not on my bike that much due to the snow and the intense cold at 7000 ft. I just don't have as much to write about. I'll have to take a trip to Phoenix for a little pedaling around.