Monday, December 12, 2011

Baby, it’s gettin’ coooooold outside

December is here and brought the nippy with it! Hubb and I are adding cold weather apparel to our cycling arsenal, since there is no sign of us stopping our routine yet :) We’re milking everyday we can, if it ‘aint storming, we out riding!
My new cape is the bee’s knees, I never thought I could pull one off, but here I am rockin it ;)

  • New gloves were attained
I feel so classy in the red leather ones, the fingerless funky ones are a trip back to tweenhood!
The cutest skull scarf(Joe Boxer)for 50% off? MINE its soft as hell too
Hubb is stocking up on knit hats since his helmet is a summer helmet. If it comes with a visor, it’s a BIG plus!

  • Im a boot-bitch..didn’t you know?
These Route 66 lined boots can be worn two ways:
and were on sale!
These are the newest Uggs in my collection, I wore my green ones for the Tour De Bronx and my black ones need cleaning. I remember saying “I’ll never wear those UGGly things!” That’s before I got the hookup and found out how comfy they were!
and cycling-friendly..minus the grease stains(ugh)
I remember there being a time I dreaded shopping, maybe because I had my mother dressing me, but mostly because bigger sizes weren’t always available in the junior section. Shoe shopping was awful too, my feet were wide. Plus being a growing girl I needed new shoes every few months…so it was pure torture I had to endure. Being a young adult, I appreciate how far clothing has come for the plus size gal, I can now take solace in the fact that I will always find something in my size virtually anywhere I shop :)
..O yeah…you may have noticed but I took my hair in a different direction;
My Facebook followers were quite vocal about “losing the bike-riding cotton candy” I must admit, once I was done going back to brunette, I shed a tear….maybe more!
But ya know…I kinda like it…Its shorter, darker, choppy, but still has some color in there. Not bad for doing it myself eh?

But badass rebel Barbie will be back….she will be back..


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  2. The cape is so cute!! I love the first look you've done in it!!