Monday, December 26, 2011

‘Twas the season; An unorthodox Holiday

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Screw it, it’s the Holidays! We wait all year for it to be eat up! Life’s too short to worry all the time.
The Christmas spirit took its sweet time getting to my house this almost felt like it would never come. Growing up I prepared for Christmas in July! I knew how I’d decorate ever last inch of the house..every year. Becoming more and more of an adult. I’m realizing that things like Christmas and even Birthdays get a little less alluring. Which really blows. Good thing I have a step-son! He may not be biologically mine, but its true that they keep you young, his excitement and smile is what its all about.
As of our Christmas shopping; there was practically none…except of course for The Kid. He was spoiled because he deserved it. 100’s on every test since beginning 1st grade in September? O yeah…this was gonna be a good Christmas for him :) Hubb and I did our shopping by bike as usual. The weather hasn’t been that bad on bike…just yet I suppose. Damn East coast winters!
one of my fav panda shots to date!
thank goodness I married an improviser..I would have never thought of this! We both did what we had too:
The eve of Christmas eve, we baked cookies and decorated the tree. Since Hubb had work on Christmas and the eve of, and the kid was going out of state for the day, we were one day ahead of the rest of the world. In retrospect, its not as weird as I felt it was…it was pretty rad!
Our tree had cool ornaments (and adorable stockings!)
He loves Thomas the Tank Engine…this years ornament had him elated. And dancing!

Our cookies were funky
 Our gifts were color-coded/coordinated
And smiles too big to capture by camera
I couldn’t bring myself to edit this picture in anyway. You can see how much fun he had through all the blur in the world.
 Funny story about our Christmas eve morning;
I tell little man, that Santa had emailed us saying he will be bringing his gifts to our place earlier, since he wasn’t going to be around Christmas morning! It was a fun experiment that was a huge success…so who knows how many Santa emails we will be forging in the years to come :p

Christmas day OOTD:
You all have seen the poncho, boots and petticoat before. The best parts about this outfit was the flower, the bag and the scarf! Although we didn’t do our Xmas Bike ride, I wore this for lunch with the family :)



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