Monday, August 1, 2011

My wish(REALLY HARD)list!

Hubb and I realized he goes on vacation this week! We also realize we will be in Connecticut for the whole upcoming weekend, and quickly find out if we can bring our bikes on the Metro.  I Google “Metro North” and get a bunch of info: Click here for their complete list of To-do's. So anyway, we are visiting our brother and sister-in-law, and I cannot wait to get out the city even if its for a few days. The Mr and I are dying to hit the CT pavement with our wheels! It’ll be a nice change of scenery from the nitty gritty, plus SO many photo-ops and of course laughs and good times with our peeps.
I am pretty frantic about getting the house(and finances) ready for our departure. I’ve been feeling out of place for a while now, so keeping busy is key for someone like me. I like the feeling of accomplishment and take pride in having control over my life. I am aware that I can never control everything, that’s just na├»ve, but I can’t have any piece fall out of place….I’ll go beserk. I am working on how deep I get myself, its tough, but yes its doable. Thanks to my wise Hubby I am taking things in stride, taking baby steps, and letting go of any grudges or animosity I have against myself(mostly) and situations that seem to arise. There’s plenty I must catch up on, and that’s just another challenge I must WILL conquer.
Enough of that and on to the pretty, cute and awesome things I have been finding online for my bike! A friend on my Facebook page always sends me great sites and videos on bikes and bike riding, he sends me the link to @CuteShop, AND I HAVE A KAWAII OVERLOAD! I cannot believe there is TOO many cute things I can get for Sandra Dee!! Things that are not over here in the states! I am a HUGE fan of everything Japanese so a chance to get something exclusive
The “I BETTER FUCKING GET THIS OR SOMEONE WILL BE SORRY122_G_1281547552814” must-haves:

This will replace my basket for a while! Insulated and everything!

This is an actual bike bell!!!125_G_1281548495207
even an adorable bike bandana!131_G_1281551325724


 Hello Kitty has always been a trendy gal, now shes one on two wheels <3

Hubb is working hard on checking off my wish list for me <3 It must be a sight to see…me with my ultra girly bike…him on a Japanese BMX…us with our tattoos and singular look…its no wonder we get gawked at whilst out on the town. I don’t like attention, and I get a lot of it. I always assume its the worst because of complexes formed from childhood..but I’m slowly realizing I inspire and am known for only good things. That’s all I can ask for reallySmile. As my plans unfold, I am hoping to  eventually change the world. even a little…

Peace be with you


  1. I want ALL OF THAT SHIT! Aaaaah! Kawaii!

  2. Isn't great to have a great someone to love and love us back? Your Hubb, my Planner Guy. They are the best and aren't bothered by out occasional "out there-ness". You sound like you searching for something; at almost 49, I still am. Don't know if I'll ever find it. Maybe I just don't like to feel like I'm standing still. That's why I love your blog. Laughed at all that Hello Kitty. Why do I still crave Hello Kitty? Cause it's so adorable, that's why.

  3. @jules: I know right?!?

    @SRAB: Its the greatest thing to love and be loved in return :) you are so right, we are lucky to have such great supporters :) Its a never ending quest...theres so much to conquer sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming..but all you can do is keep an open mind to it all :) ALL HAIL THE HK! FOREVER REIGNS OVER ALL THAT IS CUTE! hahaha! Thanks for the kind comments hun, always <3