Saturday, August 20, 2011

Last day of Summer Streets-First day of Lady riding :)

Today being the last day for Summer Streets is a bit depressing. Such a wonderful thing brought to NYC, it’s a shame it didn’t last longer…but it’s wonderful I got to experience it! With Hubb! and new gal pals! Kicking off the last day of Summer Streets, Hubb and I get off at 72nd, and start biking towards the entrance. I was ubber surprised to see a fellow retro-loving, vintage toting, tattoo coated lady biker I look up too: Ms Sheryl! If your a bike chick in NYC, then you must be a fan of her blog. I have been waiting to ride into her, and what better day?! So we start riding the Route, chit-chatting, learning more about one another, exchange of praises on wardrobe and bikes, and of course grab some pics!
That was only the start of my Lady biking today, but definitely the way to start one Open-mouthed smileYour so cool Ms. Sheryl! I hope to have the pleasure to hang n ride with you again! HOPE YOUR HAVING A GREAT BIRTHDAY!
Once I rode all the way to the end and started the ride back up to the start, me and Ms. Sheryl parted ways at the Midtown rest stop where a bunch more rad chicks by bike(and bike-bloggers!)
DSCN2998DSCN3000DSCN3001 (2)DSCN3004DSCN3005
I was able to meet some cool chicks I look up too: Ms Julie, Ms Malaika, Ms Maureen and Ms. Kimberly…also able to ride with them for a bit too! Julie led the way to a place that’s THE definition of summer Smile
This lil guy is named Houdini, and is Kim’s cute biking buddy Smile He was great to have around, animals make everything even better !
We arrive at Imperial Snowballs on the west villy(we rode from the east village), and immediately I fell in love with its quaintness!
DSCN3067DSCN3069DSCN3070DSCN3071DSCN3073Thanks for bringing us here Julie!
DSCN3068DSCN3069DSCN3075DSCN3076DSCN3077DSCN3078DSCN3079DSCN3081DSCN3082DSCN3083DSCN3086Hubb was surrounded by some pretty ladies today..he loved it..and so did the ladies Winking smile
Before we knew it it was about 2ish(probably) and we started to part ways
Once it was just me and hubb, we couldn’t decide where to catch the we continued on 1st ave and 21st Street..all the way to Lex and 125th…big ride today, but it felt fantastic!
We shared the lane with fellow cyclists today..they were out in full force! plus how cool is that bike stop light?? I WANTED TO STEAL IT! 800+ Calories burned later and I am BUSHED. Great ending to Summer Streets, and great beginning in my journey as a Lady Biker :)

Peace and love

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  1. What a fun day, and you have got really great pictures to remember it by! So thrilled to have had the chance to meet you, and would love to go on some more adventures!