Thursday, August 18, 2011

Some cool things :)

Last weekend at Summer Streets, we met Dmitry at Bicycle Habitat for his Bike Portrait event. He took some rad shots of Hubb and I. I particularly love Hubb’s pic…
My Chocolate Adonis *Le Sighhh*…anyhoooooow I added D on Facebook, and messaged him asking about his rates or if he is willing to do a TF* of us on your rides. He messages me back with the most amazing news! He would a. Love too b. would like to include us in his projects-#BikeNYC and c. as well as feature us on's "Why I ride" section!!! I was so taken back by this, and also type school-girl excited, I ran to Hubb and basically yelled it at him! Im sorry baby, but I was excited! We are planning for the shoot next week: it cannot come quick enough! Hubb and I will be joining the cause to get more people on bikes alongside some awesome NYC LadyBikers: Ms. Sheryl (aka BitchCakes) and Ms. Julie(aka the cute commuter)          Smile Who I will get the pleasure of meeting and hopefully riding with real soon Smile

One more thing: If you have Mozilla and recently updated to the 6.0 version, you may wanna check this out-- its called Webify me: and it makes a collage of cool things based on a few quiz questions.. Check mine out!


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  1. Dmitry's photos are so amazing, aren't they? He's very talented! And Sheryl has got to be one of the sweetest, most inspiring ladies EVER! I haven't met Julie in person yet, but enjoy her blog, she is adorable. Super exciting news! Keep us posted!