Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Formally introducing: The Kid :)

Most readers know that along with getting married, I obtained a step-son, who has been in my life since he was about 2 and is now 6. I’ve been asked the typical questions: Who is his mother? Does she like you? How does the mother and father(my husband) act towards one another? Does he only get him on weekend?…I only answer these questions if asked by close friends and family, but I have no problem answering some in this post. In order:
His mother is the woman he calls MOMMY. That doesn’t matter, the child is well taken care of and loved(he calls my own mother Grandmaw), if I had to answer then; probably not, but she doesn’t show it. The relationship between the two is perfectly normal, no drama what-so-ever. No, we have him everyday of the week except most weekends..Hubb did NOT wanna be a “weekender dad”…why yes I DID marry well!
Now that that’s out of the way, I can move on to my connection with him. He may not fully understand the term “Step Mom” but from what I know is synonymous with the Cinderella version..evil..cruel..cold..stoic. I make sure I am not any of these..but that doesn’t mean he gets away with anything..I am quite the disciplinarian. Hubb and I are waiting to hear the news of our little bundle baking in my oven, but because of a condition I am burdened by, it’s gonna be a while. Having a step son is like having a practice round(as harsh as that can sound), I work on my patience, my tenderness, my sternness, and of course nurture the little girl in me since to have a child you must be one. As his father has before him; he is teaching me a lot and only can continue!
I had the joy of riding and bonding with the little man the other day, and just like all other bike rides, it was a trip down memory lane. As my parent did with me and my younger brother, we are doing with him, and cannot wait to add another rider to our little family Smile
First half of rider-dom: THE SCOOTER! He loves scootin’! After a ride(and some tricks) on the blacktop, we head across the street to the actual playground. I feel very lucky to live in a nice part of The Bronx where a playground or two is right down the block.
While he played and frolicked, I caught up on my summer read:
I HIGHLY recommend it…cheeky, real, and moving stories from women of every age, from everywhere.
we go home, fill up the water bottle, and The Kid switches his scooter for his bike..I tell him I have a surprise and we get on the good wheel
We run into Hubbs dojo bro on the way
We head to the vending machines outside our bike shop, I hand him a dollar and out pops a new bike buddy ^_^
DSCN2631DSCN2632 a
A day like this makes me look forward to the ones in the future..with him and possibly another <3



  1. Awwwww, he's adorable!!! Enjoy each moment, they grow up so fast! I just dropped off my youngest at college this week!

  2. thanks babe! he is growing right before my eyes, im glad to be part of his life :) AND CONGRATS TO U BOTH!!!