Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I put my big girl panties on today

Ever since my accident back in late June I’ve been quite the worried-wart when it came to riding solo. I did ride alone on the bike route when we were back in CT only to end up with this:
DSCN1482 A nasty ‘ol gash..
I ALWAYS seem to hurt myself on solo journeys, so no one can blame me for being a tad intimidated. Plus here in the Boogie-down, lanes are scarce, when biking alone I feel MUCH better on a lane. I am not one post blame, but I feel like it could be my fault? I know how to ride a bike, I know the rules, the dangers and etc. So how could it be my fault? Perhaps my overall klutzy/brutish/hasty/brash/and (dare I say) toughness are to blame. I was raised to pick yourself up and keep on going…pain and all. Thanks Dad!
Last week, I received an email from Sarah, asking if I would like to be part of a oral history on Soundview Park..the ONLY riverside park in the BX. Carlos(the head of SV park) recommended me since I am new to the Bronx life, therefore being a fresh prospect for sharing what memories I had. Which were all good may I add! So I was happy talk about my new neighborhood and new favorite park. If I can help with positive change, I’m ALLL over it! We were scheduled for 11:30 in the morning. After much deliberation, conversing with Hubb about possible outcomes, and of course old fashioned self-doubt, I say “SCREW IT, I’M GONNA TRY! I’VE RIDDEN THIS PATH BEFORE, I KNOW THE ROUTE I’LL TAKE, WHATS THE PROBLEM??” well many in fact…motorists, peds, potholes, cops..bleh bleh.. But I digress….I sucked it up and DID IT!
I got there pretty fast, had my ipod hooked up to a mini speaker, and just went with the flow. No obstacles, no idiotic was rather nice. I actually got a few of smiles and praise from a cool crossing guard lady..even a wave! almost like they were saying “keep going! your doing fine! and you look cute too!” SmileSarah and Carlos arrived about ten minutes after I did, So I took these ten minutes as a photo-op!
DSCN2459DSCN2460DSCN2466DSCN2470DSCN2467<---Poor Superman! The Bronx is booming with kryptonite Smile with tongue out
Once we exchanged greetings Sarah and I started getting down to work..I talked, she recorded, I signed the waiver, done and done. Then we it turned personal, where you from, how did you get this cool job, I love your ring! etc. So she is from L.A., went to Pitzer College (which btw way Sarah, if your reading, the name sounded familiar because my old pen pal was accepted there a few terms back after moving to the west coast!), lives in Brooklyn, is an intern for the NYC Dept. of parks and is a fellow Chick on wheels! She rides a road bike now after ditching her old cruiser for a faster ride on her commute. I was so tossed back by it. what are the odds!? We discussed safety. types of bikes, the live chat on the Daily News live chat yesterday(UGH! DON’T GET ME STARTED!) and peoples view on Cyclists. Carlos joined in and is appalled at how the Daily News is commenting on bike riders. It’s like they have the worst opinion on us…WTF man??? Carlos and Sarah were very cool people, and I am looking forward to working with them in the future(I will be volunteering at events real soon).
I rode the park a bit after it was all done with:
Then time to head home Smile
DSCN2512DSCN2516DSCN2517This van of senior citizens escorted me for a few lights Smile One of the nice ladies inside was one of my wavers Smile Thanks again everyone!
I made it home intact, no new wounds..just sweaty..and proud Open-mouthed smile
Special thanks to Maureen aka "The Inspired Cyclist" who inspires for the positivity and kind words last night on Twitter..YOUR AWESOME GIRL! KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR ME AT SUMMER STREETS THIS SATURDAY!

A wee bit confidence-boosting? I think so..


  1. You might want to consider adding a rear view mirror to your handlebar to give you just a little more street confidence. I insisted my husband add one to his Breezer for his commute and he thought it was silly but recently told a buddy who just started commuting that he likes being able to glance into it to check what and who is coming up behind him. I've never had it swiped off when I leave my bike locked up but depending on where I am I turn the mirror inward so it is less noticable to people looking for something to trash.

  2. I ado have one! It works well and really helps...I got it about 2 weeks after I got my bike. I was actually wondering about that too and was worried when I locked up since NYC is pretty crazy...but nothing yet! keep your fingers crossed! xo