Saturday, August 13, 2011

A pleasant change for New York City Bikers


Hubb and I experienced our first ever Summer Streets today! How freeing and liberating it was riding the streets of NYC absolutely car-free, along with fellow cyclists, walkers, skaters, and a few other crazy contraptions on wheels!


There were five rest stops along the way, I met some great chicks who work with some major organizations here in NYC, who were of course bikers! Scored some SWAG too…gotta love free shit!


Even water stations, and free bike valet parking!


NYC's fav bike shop was host to Dimitry Gudkov(the mastermind behind the BikeNYC portrait project). Dimitry was offering FREE bike portraits to all who came out for Summer Streets!! Naturally, being quite the proud owner, I relished at a chance to get our pic taken!


D turned out be so cool! And he dug my bike Open-mouthed smile


Continuing along I spot all types of Lady Bikers, cruiser riders, babies, pets, families of tandems, and a few head-scratching vehicles:


It was great seeing how many people showed up:


Back home in the Bx, we visit our bike shop, and Sandra Dee receives her first tune-up! she's been getting a lot of use lately, and wanna keep her in tip-top shape


Going again next Saturday! with the lil man SmileHoping to burn even more calories and utilizing more muscle..


To my bed I go!



  1. Hey, I think I was write by you at one point. I remember your "I bike polite" sign, because I have one as well! It sure was a great day and I'm glad I have now discovered your blog!

  2. OMG GIRL HOW COOL!!! How awesome right?? I cannot wait for next saturday, I really hope we can stop and officially meet then!! Thanks so much for your kind words! <3

  3. Looks like a great time! I love carless street rides.