Sunday, August 28, 2011

Surviving Irene

What hype created over a typical end-of-summer storm. I have not been on either side of the Facebook status war…some people are freaking out, others are TOO nonchalant about it. This doesn’t help anyone either way, so I figured it was best to not have an opinion on it. Hubb and I were busy partying our butts off this whole weekend with our landlord(his son got married) and family! Rain or shine, us island people never stop partying! I’ll post on that tomorrow…since there is ANOTHER party tomorrow night!….4 DAYS STRONG!
Anyways, our Mayor, Mike Bloomberg, has been working on getting NYC back on track. The Trains and buses shut down, businesses were closed, there was even an evacuation plan steadily waiting to go in effect:
I can see why people are anxious…this is a big deal to the big city…we are used to the way things are here, anything stirring the pot is sure to get people paranoid. But either way for me and Hubb, we took it all in stride, got the same amount of food we usually get for the house, and continued on with our weekend. Which was just SOOO much fun! Starting with The Kid losing the training wheels, Me with my casting and pilot interview with Bike Girls TV, attending our first wedding, Me winning a pannier from the girl over at Cycle & Style and revamping my look(PICS SOON!) So yea, hurricane or was a fun, fabulous, and LONG weekend! HOORAY!
Tonight Hubb and I got on our bikes to run and get some junk food…it was GORGEOUS out there…put on a hoodie and jacket and got on the good wheel:
The bike parking at Burger King was actually full! It was a pretty cool site to see Smile
I hope all my readers who were affected, or had family affected, are ok this evening…if your home with a loved one as I am, enjoy!

Till next venture…

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