Wednesday, July 13, 2011

1st day back at the gym, a DIY attempt, and a 2hr. convo w/ a fellow cyclist

My long overdue debut back to my local Planet Fitness was like therapy. I felt great...during and after! My hubby joined me, and as always, that makes me feel loads better just knowing I have support and a partner :) 45 minutes later-500 calories burned on Elliptical-hubby and I walked towards our old neck of the woods. I visited the neat little Singer sewing store(which I haven't started enjoying since only a year ago; I've lived in the Bronx for 3 years now) to lookup satin(y) fabric. I have a hat that I love to death(those who know me knows how odd that must be to read let alone say)that I wanted to upgrade for my pending comeback bike rid. My love for vintage and just plain 'ol girly-cute led me to simply wanna add a satin sash for an instant upgrade to my beloved hat..and only 2.99 for a yard long sheet of the pretty fabric is WAY more practical than a whole new hat!

 My little weekend project :)

After indulging my DIY-sweet tooth, hubby and I walk toward the neighborhood bike shop to price a new rim for Sandy D., when we run into a fellow cyclist with a bike COMPLETELY custom, and about the price of a used car off Craigslist!

 Custom fitted frame...light as a feather!

                  ...pure passion...

Besides gushing over the time and money this dude(nickname Dougie Fresh) spent on his bike, we all got talking. First about a route over by Dyckman that leads to the west side of Manhattan all along the Hudson river, then bout life in general. Dougie has been riding NYC since the '70's, and even now in his 60's he is an avid cyclist and enthusiast! Me and Hubb were in awe at all the stories, bike part and repair lessons, that TWO hours had passed...we parted after exchanging numbers and thanking each other for the great chat. We hope to be riding with him soon!
D.F. and his bike, aptly named "My baby"
(There's me and Hubb in the shop window!)

 Walking home, Hubb and I recapped our convo with D and I start thinking; It was really great to just have a conversation with a complete stranger who shared the same love-of something. Stimulating conversation is few and far in between when it comes to meeting people in this modern age. I find what most people find interesting-not interesting at all-so I don't usually converse with many people on my own accord...I do get plenty of approaches though, something about me seems to scream TALK TO ME!!!! 

A nice work-out, a nice conversation with a total stranger, and a nice rest of the day at home :) Tomorrow I'm heading to my hometown to hang with an old friend and visit Michaels Craft store to peruse the aisles for awesomeness...CAN'T WAIT!


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