Sunday, July 17, 2011

Quick ride on a Sunday morning..

Not much today except a relatively quick ride to our neighborhood shopping center for some knick-knacks and a bit of food for the house. Being my first time back on my bike, we kept it close and took it slow, we made it a nice ride regardless :)  

 Started decorating my bike basket! Not finished yet though...ill keep this and my hat post for when I'm done

See my bracelet? Click here to help the VERY worthy cause of Curing Caroline's Cancer <3 For you sis!
 I love him..he is the base of my support keep me going Hubb <3
 Cheesing like a kid :D

and we're off !

Thats all for pix today...I traded my old Polaroid for an upgrade! New camera by the end of the week! YIPPEE!

Getting home, we put the groceries away, made some hot dogs, and I got to cleaning down and polishing S.D with some good ol fashioned Turtle Wax :) Nothing much else for this Sunday....clearing my mind for all there is to do next week...till next time!



  1. love ya sis, you are just too cute!!!..xoxo

  2. love u more sis! <333333 thanks for the comment! <3333