Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Updating for the sake of updating

Posts are few in between this week. Being my 5 year anniversary with Hubb, and waiting on my new camera, there isn't much else going on....but that'll change by Friday! I am so lucky to have such a great man in my life. My father was the example set upon me when it came to how a man needs to treat a woman. Since his loss,one year 3 days to the T) I was given the opportunity to meet the man I would soon marry....thanks Daddy, you sent him to me...you knew I needed him...you would have loved him :') The next week will be emotional, but I'm hoping for cooler weather here in NYC because I plan on using the early mornings to take practice runs around the neighboorhood and with traffic. I am still feeling somewhat intimidated, but I guess by being safe and cautious and FULLY aware, then I will be ok. The horror stories and just plain ol stories I have been reading on do not help...alas....it is my own doing so I have but myself to blame.
Instead of dreading, I am learning to happily anticipate whatever life has to offer me..I have plenty to be happy and grateful for. I live a humble life with my wonderful man by my side, in a wonderful private house with a wonderful landlord

Me and my one and only exchanging vows <3

I'm hoping to post more interesting things as my life and goals pan out....baby steps!

Till friday!

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