Saturday, July 16, 2011

A crafty-crusade...two days in a row

I've been virtually living in Michael's Crafts for the passed two days, it was the weekend come early for me!
Thursday, I head over to my old stomping grounds in Queens, with my long-time pal Danny. Since the bike accident I was in a few weeks ago put me out of commission(in all sense of the term), Hubb and I agreed I needed to get back on the good foot. First stop was Starbucks..I needed a fix anyway, so where better than to catch up, cool down, and show off my cameo in Momentum Mag


 Danny reading up on the latest bike buzz...and getting an eyeful of me and Sandy D!

Frapp-a-MIOOOOOOOOO and it's the light version

Mermaid Coffee Stirrer!

After literally gulping down that frapp and the start of a day long catch up with a friend, we head down to Michaels...which is literally in the same plaza, so "heading down" translated to moving about 4 yards LOL. Since I last visited, they had locked the spray paints and sharpie markers behind the registers....this upsets me simply because its just another thing ruined by the youth of today. Artists use those mediums to create REAL art...not simply writing a name over another name of some rival gang...ALAS...this is living in NYC in 2011.

I walk in and am immediately attacked with cuteness :) DUCKIE CUPCAKES!

 Classic...bringing the step-son here when he gets back from vacay :)

 there's something about boxes...they all have vintage quality to them


eh..mostly   o:)

If only it worked on life itself..le sigh

I cannot be the only one who wishes their takeout was this funky

 Jewley displays! I must inform my designer pals!

DUCK TAPE...yes duck

 these stopped me in my I HAD to get em!


Fall Foliage is already out....kinda threw me for a loop O.o

Indigo and Violets :)

I wasn't the only one bitten by the craft bug.

Never knew about the tiny chiclets!

 Staying within the same plaza, we stopped off @ Game Stop..

Then Sports Authority:     D. is looking for a bike..

Since it leaked out to my Mother that I was going to be in Queens, I suggested we go visit her, so we did....I miss walking in my old neighborhood..

                                                 I miss Queens and all the backroads
Been meaning to eat here for years!

The Outdoor..tres cute!

This pic is for the hubby! Poor thing always working graveyard...

aw :)

Besides Ma telling me a great story of her encountering a put together woman in a dress with her bike during rush hour and thinking of me, all we did was talk n laugh. It was pretty great and may do it on a regular...makes her happy :)

It was me and Hubbs turn to forage our own local Michaels....all in all I prefer the one in Queens. But at least we spent the day exploring new places :)

                                                                                                               Enjoying an Icee

We went pretty deep

We get me... lol

tee hee <3

I have always liked stone

We discovered a WHOLE new shopping plaza!

I wanted to take this home with me SOOO bad!

 I love cupcakes..can't wait to dabble in the art of making them!

 there's an debate going on: KNIT or CROCHET?
which to choooooooosee....?

Didn't find much except this super cute Kitschy hair flower...its nice n big :D & only a dollar!

Apparently we're this close to a highway...some kid waved hi even!
bike parking is rare in the Bronx

Found a new park too! Looks lengthy :D
0o0o more bike parking :)

After the bus trip home, Hubb and I decide we are TOO tired to cook or grill. So we decide on Pizza from our fav spot right by the entrance to the Cross Bronx and Castle Hill..and a Sapporo, our fav imported beer. While walking we cross by a vacant lot thats just chock full of kitties!

They seem to be family
I wanna take em all home with me!

Getting home, we stuffed our faces and rummaged thru our Netflix queue for the rest of the night :) A great Friday <3

Tomorrow a post on Sandra Dee getting fixed, our first ride since the accident, pix on me decorating my bike basket, and a DIY upgrade given to one of my favorite hats.

ps....I am aware im wearing the same dress for both days....LAUNDRY DAY that explains that :p


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