Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shopping is way more fun by bike!

Since the accident, Hubb and I have been using our riding time as practice and used mainly as transport for when we need to head somewhere near home. It has been quite successful I may add. I had just told him earlier today I feel an improvement in our handling the roads of the Bronx, our handling of traffic(cars, peds, and a scattered few people on wheels) and of course our bikes. I have always felt once you learn about something, you rarely ever stop. If your passionate enough by whatever that something may be, you’ll want to learn all you possibly can on the subject. If your like me; Countless Google searches, image searches, books and other specific periodicals are in store for the future. This is no different with bike riding. I seem to be one-note Nora lately. My Facebook, my desktop image, all the pictures I have been taking with my camera, all recent bookmarks, have been RIDDLED with cycling paraphernalia for the longest(despite my brief hiatus). Shopping is a great joy all together for a female…add a bike. a great partner, and some extra $$, equals BLISSSS. On Monday I had a follow-up with my Doc….it was busy, I was not feeling the energy coming from there, so I turn to Hubb and say “I need to reschedule” he replies “Why? what’s wrong?” I look away dramatically and say “ I wanna go shopping(the shopping center is up the block)” He turns away shaking his head and stifling laughter, while I sit there being very was out of a movie I swear! So I ended up rescheduling a bunch of other appointments I had missed(cause of the accident) as well…first week of August will be me wheeling it back and forth from my Doctors office…its alright by meThumbs up
Mondays Pix:
A rather cloudy and dreary day, but it didn’t stop us from riding our bikes!
And we’re off

The Bruckner Expressway service road was unusually we took the lane.

over the over pass

Yes I can be Sarcastic smile

Thanks alternate-side-of-the-street parking rules! Red heart

Our route to the Doc’s..safest way.. HEY BOO!

Where I was supposed to be ^^

Where I ended up ^^

Gleefully, I rode straight way!
It’s like they were greeting us in..I love the mannequin commercials!
These dresses are SOO pretty! I probably won’t wait for them to go on sale In love
I was meant to have this shirt. When I got home I was gonna order it online, but I took a chance looking for it, AND HERE IT IS!!! SUCCESS!

just what I was looking for…and what site it is!

Tshirt modeling…we are all about the graphic tee Winking smile

AHHHHHHH! I must have this!

Laughing out loud

I had a mini heat attack when I stumbled upon this @ checkout Flirt male

I love using reusable bags..but not more than how the hot pink looks on Sandy D.

Heading back home

People in or side of town have great yards..and greater flora!

^^ My two epic finds: cruiser tee and HK tee! both on super sale Open-mouthed smile


How cool is it that the bag I got also matches the tee I found?! WIN!

Today....we went to Pathmark to pick up things for our possible out-of-boro ride tomorrow :)


Snagged a few of these! This is will a good on-the-go option..specially when I join Weight Watchers Smile
these things are huge!!!!! trust me…roasting them is a sticky heaven!
There is SO many effin flavors for Goldfish nowadays…I do not find the sweet ones appealing Thumbs down
A complete ice cream station! OMG I can see brownie sensations happening as well…this winter I am going to re-dabble in baking.
Its like Mod for baby butts! I grabbed a pack I wont lie Smile with tongue out
I love the new way I transport my haul now Smile We may invest in a trailer next summer! For either a baby or travelling/shopping
Had to get a few reusable bags and Hubb helped <3
I am confident at this busy intersection now that I’ve ridden it enough….YAY ME!
I have always wanted this thing! See? I am a big kid Rolling on the floor laughing
The reusable shopping bags..really durable with two different sets
of straps..yayyyyy
When it comes to shopping I am a minimalist. When I do REALLLLYYYY want something I usually get it, but other than that I only buy what the house, myself and the family needs. I love coupons and sales and ESPECIALLY clearance sections. I am a bargain buyer to the bone and darn proud Smile 
Till next adventure
Peace, K.

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