Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's getting easier

6 years ago, my life was torn, I had lost the only father I would ever have. It plays so vivid in my brain that I am almost shocked my eyes can't project it on a larger scale...its so real..even after the 6 years.
 On his last birthday with us..5 months prior

I need more actual pictures of him, I want him to know I always think of him and will always love him till the day I die..and perhaps reunite once more...if the stories are true. Me and Hubb plan on going to the grave(by bike of course) this Friday...lets hope the weather keeps HEATWAVE DONE! Hoorayyyyy

I woke up with a pretty weak constitution, and felt like crap till about 3ish, then headed out for ride....its what Daddy woulda wanted...Hubb agreed..so...off we went:

 My lashes looked good today

my makeup in general :)  

ready for a bike ride :)

 I cleaned up Sandra Dee.  turtle wax rocks out loud for her chrome fenders

 This is a fanny pack type bag I snagged at Kmart 'round New Years for $2! Love clearance!!!!
 I like my Helmet :)
 Our Local Asian Food markets bike parking..thanks for the consideration!

 Crazy colors!

 Got a new Sensu :))

 Swung by the bike shop just to view their road bike selection.. Hubb is in the market for one
 She will be mine one dayyyyyyy...CADDY-LAC!
 her tooo ;)
 I collected 5/12...got Sailor Mercury today!


Hubbs' turn for panda shots:

 love him to death..haha sick bastard <3
 I really like these two shots :) that's saying something

 pit stop over

 back home :)
 Mercury! Ami-chan!
this makes me happy :)

Toys, CapriSun and a bike ride...We are big kids..just like pops <3

***(V.M.R 2/19/1961-7/26/2005)***

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