Monday, July 11, 2011

been rough these past few weeks

My accident put me in a hole I can describe as more of a grave plot. I have had ups and downs and all-arounds, and I inevitably miss riding. Being active all together…..not to mention the hideous scar on my leg, THE ONLY part of my body I can say I love. Me and the Husband have had quite a few talks about me possibly being addicted to endorphins. Physical activity as a whole actually. I have also gained a few lbs whilst being on my ass..that pisses me off too. I’ve tried to blame this on my bike..but just can’t. I know cruisers are heavier in frame, but shes perfect for what I need her for. Hopefully by Christmas, I have a regular road bike…preferably vintage ;)

First ride planned: A trip to Orchard Beach, by bike, on our 5th year Anniversary <3 Can’t think of a better reason to brave getting back on my bike :)


They will be united again soon

more to, hopefully, come soon


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