Wednesday, September 14, 2011



from the DOT website

I cannot believe we will be part of this great movement for the future of bicycles! I have been waiting all summer to hear some news, and this morning my Twitter Feed was going ape-doodoo over the news!:

Robert K. Steel:#NYCbikeshare by the numbers: 600 stations, 10,000 bikes, and 200 new #jobs. Quality of Life + Economic Development = Big win for NYC.”

NYC DOT: "The wheels are in motion" for NYC's bike share! Today we announced Alta as the #nycbikeshare operator!

Colin Cunningham: cant wait to try this out! suggest where pickup locations should be for #nycbikeshare

People are a-buzz..and with bike lane and greenway advocacy above 60% approval, NEW YORK CITY IS ON THE MAP! I hope to see our fair city compares to the programs in Canada and Europe…this is great news! I suggested a spot in The Bronx, make sure you get your station of choice up!I cannot wait to see this launch in Summer of 2012…it is ON like DONKEY KONG next summer!


I Red heartNYC..(againSmile with tongue out) !!!

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