Sunday, September 18, 2011

More solo riding…and riding in heels!


Saturday, Hubb had a national Karate Tourney at Jacob Javitz in the city. I was home for a good 12 hours before he finally got back home…but he did come home with a first place trophy!


Just like I knew he would Smile 

This passed week I didn’t ride my bike. I didn’t even feel like it. This shocked a few people..but not as much as I was surprised. I was just so darn tired! So while Hubb was karate chopping his way through opponents, I grabbed Sandy Dee and rode to Soundview. One of our favorite spots to ride Smile



Since I received my bike for Mothers Day this year, I have been riding as much as I can. I practiced for a while around the back streets, then took on the busy avenues, eventually the City and Queens, and even a bit of Brooklyn. Many milestones have been hit! I can’t help but feel a bit proud..I didn’t expect to get my mojo back so quickly, but its true..YOU NEVER FORGET! Taking myself for rides is especially a big deal since I enjoy riding with Hubb(its safer, and wayyyyy more fun!). I have gotten way more confident and I’m ready to show the cars on the road that I know what I’m doing! I had gotten new heels(thanks to a friend!) and I have been dying to try biking in them. I am comfy in heels, surprisingly so, I gave it a go..


I desperately need a pedi

I did the loop about 3 times..burned a good amount of calories..then got a lil hungry. So I put my sneaks back on, get on Lafayette, and head to the shopping plaza on White Plains.


I get my kebob, then figure while I’m here might as well go grab the liquid incense I been meaning to get for the house..


I seriously love this store! Feels so home-y Smile

I headed home, started cleaning and cooking, did some work on the computer and waited for Hubb to arrive. Once he did our celebrating began! we passed out at 2am haha.

Simple little trips like today’s gives me the confidence to take on bigger challenges. I am being seen, I am biking polite, and I’m a bike ambassador here in The Bronx. I hope to maybe be THE Bronx ambassador someday!

I'm a dreamer honey


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